O’s trade for Jaret Wright

Say hello to your new starting pitcher.

The Orioles make a trade with the Yankees and get Jaret Wright and 4 million dollars for Chris Britton.

His career numbers don’t make me drool. But this is another Kris Benson/Corey Patterson trade. We give up a piece that’s not going to hurt us to move and get a player who has underachieved and/or needs a change of scenery.

It looks like Big Chris wasn’t held in highest of regard with the Oriole higher-ups

Britton, a 23-year-old right-hander who was the Orioles’ eighth-round selection in the 2001 draft, was possibly the team’s second-best reliever as a rookie this past season behind closer Chris Ray . Britton was 0-2 with a 3.35 ERA and one save in 52 games.

However, team officials were concerned about Britton’s lack of command of a second pitch behind his fastball, and they also were worried about ongoing conditioning problems.

Dealing Britton, wasn’t exactly dealing from a position of strength by trading from the bullpen. But Britton’s conditioning was a problem, as he wore down as the season did.  By getting Wright and losing Big Chris, the bullpen is further weakened. Wright didn’t go 7 full innings last season, like many O’s pitchers,  so we’d better add some arms in there.

Wright and his former pitching coach, Leo Mazzone, are reunited. I hope it works out better than the last two pupils of his we acquired (Jim Brower and Russ Ortiz). But Wright is only getting paid 3 million by the Orioles next season for 1 season. If he does well, maybe he can stick around. If not, fine. This also means that someone’s getting dealt. Sure Rodrigo could go to the bullpen, but I don’t see that. Bedard’s not going anywhere. I don’t think Loewen is. I hope Cabrera doesn’t. Benson could. Lopez should and now we have Wright. The FO also said that they aren’t ruling out signing another starter. Good, give it a shot.

It’s good to see the front office be proactive for once. We offered Benson for Gary Sheffield. It didn’t happen, but they tried. Now we get Wright before the Yanks buy him out and we’d have to sign to a 3 year deal and foot all the money. Now let’s see what else they can do.


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