Gone til November 15th or so

Just to give ya’ll notice, I’m going to be AWOL for the next two weeks. I’m in the process of moving, working, and have another situation within the family that is going on.I don’t like getting into this stuff because this is where I talk Orioles and babble, vent for a few paragraphs and hope someone reads it. So I don’t want to bring gloom and death into here, because this isn’t the place for it. Since I’ve said that much, I might as well say what happened. My Grandpa had a stroke and he’s only got 3 or 4 days left. He’s 85, never exercised, smoked like a chimney, and had a diet that would have had most men dead by 40. He had every bad habit possible and made it to 85. My hats off to him for the sheer durability.  That said, I’m sending a lot of time at the hospital too. So right now I barely have the time to sleep, much less post. The sad thing is that I’m not kidding.

So I’m going to not even attempt to post. If I were to, it probably wouldn’t even merit reading right now as I’m scatterheaded plenty right now. Things run their course, they alway do. That’s the course of life.

November 15th is when I will be settled in and should have internet access. It might be a day or two after depending how things go with getting set up. November 11th is the first day of free agency, so if something big were to happen I’ll weigh in on it when I return. Never fear though, I’ll be back once things get done and run their course. Hopefully when I make it back the Orioles will have several great signings and a great trade or two down. A boy can dream anyway.


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