Free Agency filing begins

Three Orioles filed for free agency today. Chris Gomez, Chris Widger, and the undeniably amazing Russ Ortiz filed. Of the three, Gomez would the only one I’d like to see back, but it won’t wreck my world if he signed elsewhere. Gomez is a good utility guy to come off bench.

Chris Widger, I barely knew thee…and I hope the Orioles sign a good backup catcher in the offseason so I don’t have to get to know thee.

Russ Ortiz? It was a noble experiment gone way way bad, but the cord should have been cut on it after the first 3 or 4 hellish starts. Where does he go? No idea. Arizona is still on the hook for 15 million or something like that for next season, so whatever team takes the risk can sign him on the cheap and maybe he can not be as such an epic disaster. Chances are he won’t be an Oriole next season and that’s why I want. We need young pitching that we can build around, not reclamation projects like Russ Ortiz.

November 11th is the day free agents can sign with new teams. I don’t know what to expect from the O’s this offseason. I hope for a great offseason….but I don’t want to get hopes up. We need a DH, 1st base, LF, backup C, another SP or two, bullpen arms a plenty and if by some miracle all of those needs get addressed righty, then it’d be a great offseason….but that’s alot to ask. I’m not holding my breath.

No I don’t think Miggy gets traded.

Since it’s now the offseason and I’m in the busy time with work and moving, I’ll probably post twice a week at best. By Thanksgiving I’ll be settled in things will be back to normal, but I’ve got a lot of cleaning, moving, shopping, and all the other move stuff to do. If signings, trades, or other moves happen then I’ll post as soon as possible, natch.

By the way…I hate moving.


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