The season is over

The Cardinals finished off the Tigers last night to win the World Series. What happened to the Tigers? I thought that whoever would come from the NL, that the Tigers would eat their lunch. The Cards were the last team that I would figure to win it. They limped into the playoffs and barely held off the Houston Astros. But they played best when it counted and I know my family out in Missouri were pretty happy last night.

Did the layoff hurt the Tigers? Good teams should be ready to go, but they lost all their steam and looked completely flat. They couldn’t hit period. They had errors on top of errors. That doesn’t discount what the Cards did though. They had good pitching when it counted. Anthony Reyes was big in game 1. Chris Carpenter was Chris Carpenter. What happened to Jeff Weaver? When did Jeff Weaver quit being Jeff Weaver and start being a good pitcher? Whoever signs this offseason will get the old Jeff I’m sure. I can’t forget mentioning that David Eckstein, the scrappiest sparkplug to ever play the game, was scrappier than ever. I really get tired of hearing that. He made the difference for the Cards for sure. But let’s either drop scrappy or legally change his name to “Scrappy David Eckstein.”

Here’s a nice article that will make you want to kick yourself….or better yet, Peter Angelos. Angelos tired to hire LaRussa, but blotched it…of course. I’m not crying, because it would have ended the same way it ended for Davey Johnson. I can’t see Angelos and LaRussa getting along and after 2 years…maybe 3, but he would have quit or been fired by the great Oriole braintrust after constant infighting. I wish he’d sell the team.

No more baseball now til next season.

Too bad I hate the NBA and just can’t get into hockey.

At least there’s football.

And on that topic, Let’s not talk about the Clemson/VT game.  It was like getting my toenails pulled out with a plyer.


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