Mangerial Changes

I called this one before the season started.

Lou Piniella will introduced as manager of the Chicago Cubs tomorrow.

I do not think this is a good move. Lou Piniella is 63 years old and not someone who will be there for the haul. The deal is for 3 years with a fourth year option. If he makes it through year three, then he’s outlasted my expectations. Clearly he’s there because he’s a big name. That’s not going to save the day for the Cubs. Dusty Baker was a big name and he didn’t take them to the promised land (though if Steve Bartman didn’t interfer, who knows). The only direction is up after the season Chicago had this season.

But why not Joe Girardi? He’s from the state and played with the Cubs. Sure he has a little baggage from the Marlins, but Piniella doesn’t? This guy fell into their laps and they passed for what is basically a retread. At least I don’t have to listen to Lou on FOX anymore.

I didn’t see this coming. Ken Macha bit the dust today. This doesn’t appear to be a wins and loses issue. Here’s an article that brings some insight. After his “exit” last season, this comes as a surprise. I’m betting the man for this job is Bruce Bochy. He knows how to get a lot for less with the San Diego payroll and I’m betting he can get around just fine with Oakland.

Washington, San Franciso, and Texas have openings to fill as well. I have no idea who gets the Giants and Rangers job, but I’m calling former Brave player/current Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton to get that job. Stan Kastan took over and he came from the Braves, so it seems naturally.


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