Offseason needs- SP

Looking toward the offseason, it’s obviously the Orioles need another couple of starting pitchers. Now there are some promising arms in the minors, but the rewards of that probably won’t be reaped for another season- unless Hayden Penn gets it together and Garrett Olsen is ready ahead of schedule. I’m going to consider no on both of those counts. Penn needs to spend some time in Norfolk next season and I think Olsen should probably spend some time there next season too.

So our rotation looks like this:

Bedard, Loewen, Cabrera, Benson, and Lopez

I want Lopez gone and I think we should trade Benson and address another need. Nothing against Benson, he should have had 15 wins this season. Is he going to resign with the O’s after next season? Fill a hole with him and get something from him.

Bedard, Loewen, and Cabrera should all be a foundation for our rotation. I do not want Cabrera traded because I really think with the glasses and his last few starts, he’s got his stuff together and with all the frustration we have invested in him, we should be able to enjoy the rewards.

So that’s two spots in the rotation.

Let’s rule out Zito and Schmit. Angelos has said “13 million for someone who plays every fifth day is insanity.” Good thing he healms the ship with his wisdom.

With Lefthanded starters, I’ve selected the “cream o’ the free agent crop”

Mark Mulder, Ted Lily, Andy Pettitte, Mark Redman, Randy Wolf,


Adam Eaton, Jason Marquis, Tony Armas Jr.,  Gil Menche, Mike Mussina, Vincente Padilla, Jeff Suppan, Jeff Weaver, Sidney Ponson (Ha ha), Jaret Wright, Kerry Wood (option), Woody Williams, and Kip Wells 

I’m writing Pettitte off write now. Price and the fact he’ll likely stay in Houston.

Kerry Wood’s option will likely get picked up and he’ll be in the Cub’s pen. Besides there’s no way he’d pass Dr. Pete’s physical.

Along those lines, Mark Mulder is an intruging pick If he could pass the notorious physical, I won’t mind seeing him signed to a two year incentive laden deal.

Ted Lily and Vincente Padilla are two who I think are likely signings for us. Lily is a guy who can go 14-12 for you and with a two year deal, I think he’s an upgrade over Rodrigo Lopez. Padilla is a player along those same lines, but I think he has a little bigger upside. I hate the word upside, but that was a nice spot for it.

A big fear of mine is Jason Marquis. I think he could be one of the Leo Mazzone signings this offseason. The two worked together in Atlanta, and I fear we could see him here. 56-52 career record with a 4.66 ERA, I could him getting lit up in the AL. Along those line, Jaret Wright is another from Brave who is likely available.

Mike Mussina….wake up that’s not happening.

My prediction for the 2007 rotation…

Bedard, Padilla, Cabrera, Loewen, and Wright

That’s my gut feeling for the rotation. I flipped a coin b/t Padilla and Lily and Padilla had heads. Is it better? Depends


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