I do not like this…


I hope this doesn’t happen.

Orioles senior executive vice president Jim Duquette thinks his team would have to do more than just kick the tires.

“We’d have to seriously consider it(signing Barry Bonds),” said Duquette. “We could sorely use a power bat.

“Obviously, there are many factors we’d have to consider, including contract. But I would think if Barry were out there, there would be other American League teams interested, considering what he could do as a DH, preserving his body, and the fact you’d be getting a player who is about to break the home run record.”

In other words, potential for a box office boom.

I hope this is just talk. We have enough problems with steriod allegations and then to sign the grand-pooba of steriod allegations is not good. I’m no fan of Barry Bonds and I hope the O’s don’t sign him. In fact, I’m betting he doesn’t go to the O’s, He’s tight with Jim Leyland and on Opening Day 2007, I bet he’s a Tiger.

I’m not diving into this indepth because I’m sure it won’t happen. If it does happen, well…we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


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