What to do with Miggy?

The million buck question this offseason is “Will Tejada get traded?” It’s a question that I’m sick of. Last offseason it started with Miggy requesting a trade from the Orioles because of the lack of progression. Later he rescinded it, but around the trade deadling it came back in full force with reports of the Angels and the Astros. I’m expecting the same thing to happen again this winter.

In the past, I was a card carrying member of the Trade Tejada camp. The last few months my stance has weakened to a “Keep him if you can’t get fair value.” He is one of the top players in baseball and to do what he’s done with such a lack of protection in the line-up shows you how talented he is. Of course, his defense was not good at times. In fact, sometimes it was bad. Word was that he was banged up, and maybe he was playing hurt, preserving his frustrating games played streak (I think he’d have to play everyday til he was 42 or something to break Cal’s mark and that’s not going to happen. If you’re banged up, rest up a game Miggy). That doesn’t excuse the lack of hustle he’d show on trotting ever so gingerly on one of his many double plays he hit into this season though. That is likely a product of a losing mentality. 

The steroid rumors continue to loom. First it was Raffy throwing him under the bus and now it’s the Grimsley mess. With Raffy it was “only” B-12 and Grimsley has said a lot what came isn’t true. It’s always innocent until proven guilty, so until he fails a test, he’s clean in my book.

So, do I want to trade him or not? The fear is that by the time the Orioles get a ship righted, Tejada will be in a Mora-esque decline. If he is to be traded, then trade him when you can get the most for him. He’s still in his prime and it only takes one other team to make a deal. If two or three holes can be filled with a trade, then it think it should be done. I don’t want him traded for a bag of magic beans though. This won’t be the last we hear of this I’m sure.


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