Yankees LOSE

Yesterday’s Yankees/Tigers game was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Since I despise the Yankees, it was terrific. When a team has the highest payroll in baseball at 200 something million and the rest of the them have 90 million payrolls or lower, they’re expected to win. When New York got Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle for a can of Spam, a pair of socks, and a Kriss Kross audio cassette (I don’t think I’ve ever typed Kriss Kross or audio cassette), I dreaded the Yankee playoff run.

Then the Tigers shut down the NY bats with great pitching, because one great pitcher can shut down the greatest lineup in baseball. Kenny Rogers did that Friday (I missed that), but I didn’t miss Bonderman throwing gas at these clowns yesterday.

The Yankees are dead. What happens here? Word is Joe Torre is fired and Lou Pinella is getting the job. Hey, that’s stupid. Should Torre go? Well, it has been what 6 years since the Yankees won it all? Man, that’s a wretched stretch. Six years and no world series win? I’m surprised there’s not mass suicides in NY right now. Seriously though, I’ve never thought as Torre as a manager per say, but as more of a baby sitter. No in the history of sports has more egos and more superstars to manage and he’s done well. I think Lou will come in and stomp, no leap, on their toes. Should be fun to watch.

And A-Rod? He’s gone…he’s a Cub,Dodger, or Angel next season. Write it down and put my name next to it.

As for the Tigers. I hope they win it all. 14 straight losing seasons. empty stadium. awol fans. There is hope for us. With some start moves the O’s can have that day, but for now its the Tigers. What a great scene that was. The players carrying Jim Leyland off the field and then coming back onto the field to spray the fans with champange. What a magical scene. With all the losing those fans have had to deal with, they deserve it. The fact that they did it all against the Yankees made it all the better.


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