The Season Wrap Part 1

The season is over and the emptiness has set in. There is not an empty filling inside of me, but rather this entire season for the O’s was empty. When the season started, I was full of hope. I was not delusional, thinking that the Orioles were going to win the World Series. I did think that if everything clicked, that this could be a decent team. 85 wins could have been possible. The best the team could muster up was 70 wins.

It was a disheartening season. One that I am glad is finally over. There was too much woulda shoulda coulda with this team. Some players thought to key contributers failed to give much at all. Several were plagued by injury. The bullpen killed the team. At lot went wrong in this season. But there were somethings that went right and gives me a little hope with some moves in the offseason, that maybe 2007 will be a better time.

This was the post where I was going to do my season awards. It was a cool idea, I thought. The very first one I was going to was the Stench award, which was going to the worst player. There was no way possible to name one. So I’m going to rattle off a few names, say some good thing or some bad and we’ll go from there.

Bruce Chen and Rodrigo Lopez

I didn’t think these two were the return of Jim Palmer and Mike Mussina.  These two, I thought, were nice and medicore. Sadly, Medicore was a place 500 miles away and Bruce and Rodrigo’s car was broke down in a town called Godawfulbad. A season record of 14-12 for Lopez and 10-11 woud have been what I thought these two would have. Instead these two jokers give me records of 9-18 and 0-7. Lopez didn’t get the ten wins he so deseperately desired and I for one am glad. I felt bad for Chen. He seems like an alright guy and I hope he lands on his feet next season, somewhere that’s not Baltimore. On opening day if I see Rodrigo Lopez on the 40 man roster, I will not be a happy guy.

Russ Ortiz

Ok, the guy was a nice gamble. Leo Mazzone had some success with him in Atlanta and then he was a flabby fiasco in Arizona. They paid him to go away and we took a gamble and the gamble didn’t work. The team should have cut their losses long ago, but they didn’t. I don’t understand how a pitcher can suddenly lose it. Ortiz was never an amazing pitcher, but he was ok. Then he completely lost it. In his (hopefully) short stint in Baltimore, he did not look good. His strike to ball ratio wasn’t good. He got smacked around alot. Part of me thinks, hey why not give him a spring training invite. What do we have to lose. Then I think if I eat a resturant and order a meal and I get violent food poisioning….I mean the bad bad bad kind. Do I one day say, “Hey, that food almost killed but maybe they got their act together now that it’s been a few months.”

Jay Gibbons

What do I say. Every season is supposed to be Jay Gibbons’ breakout year. 20whatever is supposed to be the season we see Jay Gibbons show us what kind of player he is. Sadly, every season he goes down. This season he felled by a horrible spill in the outfield in Anahiem. Once I was an advocate for moving Jay to first. Now, after seeing another injury riddled year, I only want to see Jay at DH, if he is an Oriole next season. The guy has the durability of Charmin. I’m at the point where I’m tired of untapped potential. Next spring, I’ll see the titles on the Orioles website and the Sun about how this could be Jay’s breakout year and I’m tired of seeing those. That contract extension makes me shake my head a little now….but I thought it was a good move at the time and it still may be in the end. This one is frustrating.

That’s part one. I need to do a phone call and some other stuff, so we’ll pick up this weekend with some positives, since this one was bitter. I’ll take look at Brian Roberts, Chris Ray, and a few others.


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