I have not forgotten you…

With a trip to the beach and being in the midst of a hellish week at work, I’ve had little to no time at home, so that’s why I haven’t been around. Around Friday things with be back to the status quo.

A few quick things…

I enjoyed a long weekend at Ocean Isle, NC. I wish I would have had a year or two to stay there. My friend Chad’s cousin Joel is kin to the owner and got a big discount. It was one row back from the beach and was an amazing place. Though I was only there for 3 good days, I enjoyed it. The weather was awesome. I don’t think it was above 80 the whole time. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the beach, I want to say since the whole senior week (man that seems so long ago) but it was amazing. The house had a deck on the roof and sitting out there at night with a clear sky and seeing the beach under the moon was an awesome sight.

I also got a severe case of a sunburn. Apparently I roast like a greased pig. Today I feel half way normal, though my face is peeling so I look like a circus freak.

The playoffs started today, and my adopted team from the AL, the Twins lost. My adopted team from the NL is the Dodgers.

Nothing new to really update on with our lovable losers, the Baltimore Orioles. Adam Stern is now officially an O. Which is great…I guess. Could he be worse than Fahey? Speaking of the outfield, I don’t want to see David Newhan on this team next season. Nothing personal, but he’s at best a 4th outfielder. If he starts on Opening day 2007, we might as well wave a white flag. Again, nothing against David….I’m sure he’s a swell guy and he’d be a nice guy to have on your bench, I suppose. Having him as a starter though, is like have a tire on your car replace with a bicycle wheel…it’ll get you on the road, but it won’t get your far.

It’s 2:15 in the morning, so you can thank me for posting this late later.


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