Free Agency filing begins

Three Orioles filed for free agency today. Chris Gomez, Chris Widger, and the undeniably amazing Russ Ortiz filed. Of the three, Gomez would the only one I’d like to see back, but it won’t wreck my world if he signed elsewhere. Gomez is a good utility guy to come off bench.

Chris Widger, I barely knew thee…and I hope the Orioles sign a good backup catcher in the offseason so I don’t have to get to know thee.

Russ Ortiz? It was a noble experiment gone way way bad, but the cord should have been cut on it after the first 3 or 4 hellish starts. Where does he go? No idea. Arizona is still on the hook for 15 million or something like that for next season, so whatever team takes the risk can sign him on the cheap and maybe he can not be as such an epic disaster. Chances are he won’t be an Oriole next season and that’s why I want. We need young pitching that we can build around, not reclamation projects like Russ Ortiz.

November 11th is the day free agents can sign with new teams. I don’t know what to expect from the O’s this offseason. I hope for a great offseason….but I don’t want to get hopes up. We need a DH, 1st base, LF, backup C, another SP or two, bullpen arms a plenty and if by some miracle all of those needs get addressed righty, then it’d be a great offseason….but that’s alot to ask. I’m not holding my breath.

No I don’t think Miggy gets traded.

Since it’s now the offseason and I’m in the busy time with work and moving, I’ll probably post twice a week at best. By Thanksgiving I’ll be settled in things will be back to normal, but I’ve got a lot of cleaning, moving, shopping, and all the other move stuff to do. If signings, trades, or other moves happen then I’ll post as soon as possible, natch.

By the way…I hate moving.

The season is over

The Cardinals finished off the Tigers last night to win the World Series. What happened to the Tigers? I thought that whoever would come from the NL, that the Tigers would eat their lunch. The Cards were the last team that I would figure to win it. They limped into the playoffs and barely held off the Houston Astros. But they played best when it counted and I know my family out in Missouri were pretty happy last night.

Did the layoff hurt the Tigers? Good teams should be ready to go, but they lost all their steam and looked completely flat. They couldn’t hit period. They had errors on top of errors. That doesn’t discount what the Cards did though. They had good pitching when it counted. Anthony Reyes was big in game 1. Chris Carpenter was Chris Carpenter. What happened to Jeff Weaver? When did Jeff Weaver quit being Jeff Weaver and start being a good pitcher? Whoever signs this offseason will get the old Jeff I’m sure. I can’t forget mentioning that David Eckstein, the scrappiest sparkplug to ever play the game, was scrappier than ever. I really get tired of hearing that. He made the difference for the Cards for sure. But let’s either drop scrappy or legally change his name to “Scrappy David Eckstein.”

Here’s a nice article that will make you want to kick yourself….or better yet, Peter Angelos. Angelos tired to hire LaRussa, but blotched it…of course. I’m not crying, because it would have ended the same way it ended for Davey Johnson. I can’t see Angelos and LaRussa getting along and after 2 years…maybe 3, but he would have quit or been fired by the great Oriole braintrust after constant infighting. I wish he’d sell the team.

No more baseball now til next season.

Too bad I hate the NBA and just can’t get into hockey.

At least there’s football.

And on that topic, Let’s not talk about the Clemson/VT game.  It was like getting my toenails pulled out with a plyer.

Tim McCarver makes my brain cry

“He went from reading books to reading pitches.”

Wrap your brain around that enigma from last night’s game and once you’ve passed out from frustration and irritation, I’ll explain it to you.

The annoying Joe Buck, who besides doing Baseball, NFL, and NFL Pre-game shows also finds time for those lame Holiday Inn commericals, told the story on why Nate Robertson wears glasses on the field. Basically, he tried to wear contacts but they made his eyes too watery. So the guy made his major league debut wearing his reading glasses.

Then Tim “babbling buffoon” McCarver goes for the grand slam.

“From reading books to reading pitches.”

You’re a moron. Earlier this season he said “Fundamentals are a fundamental part of a baseball.” Once I wiped the blood out of my ears and got out of the fetal position, I cried and cursed Tim McCarver. Lines like that cause the death of brain cells.

Why is this clown still calling games? He must have pictures of Selig. I’d hope so anyway. Otherwise, someone enjoys torturing the baseball loving public.

Here are plenty of pearls of wisdom from this windbag.

I’ll watch the game tonight, but with the mute on the tv and I’ll deal with the 5 second delay from the XM.

Take that Tim.

A li’l o’ this and a li’l of that

Sorry about the last post. Somehow it got cut off when I was publishing. What was cutoff was the fact that Mets invested all this money to get to the series and they get knocked in seven games by the Cards, the same Cards who limped into the postseason on the very last day.

Anyway, the Cards and Tigers are all knotted up at one game apiece. Was that pinetar on Kenny Roger’s palm last night? I think it was because dirt doesn’t stain. The fact remains though that after Rogers washed his hand after the 1st, he proceeded to pitch 7 more strong innings. I hold to my Tigers win in six.

Not much in the news for the O’s, but I had an awesome football weekend. I scored free tickets to the Chatanooga/Furman game this past Saturday. It’s 1-AA ball, but it was a great game. Furman won in overtime 28-22 after picking a pass off and then scoring on their first play. Football’s great and it’s even better in person and in great seats.

Speaking of free tickets, one of my friends owed me a few bucks and instead of cash I got a ticket for the NC State/Clemson game, which is almost better than cash. So on November 11th, I’ll be literally chilling (it should be cold) in the upperdeck (cold) watching the Tigers. The same Tigers who smacked down Georgia Tech 31-7. James Davis and CJ Spiller are the best 1,2 running punch in college football. Davis had 211 yards and 2 TD, while hurt and Spiller had 116 yards on the ground and a sweet 50 yard TD reception. Man, does that missed Extra Point against Boston College hurt right now.

Remaining managerial picks

Oakland- Ron Washington

Washington- Terry Pendleton

San Franciso- Bruce Bochy

Texas- Trey Hillman

San Diego- Bud Black

In the coming weeks I may be a little scarce. I’m preparing to move and it’s the busy time at work, so since it’s almost the offseason….I don’t think it’s a huge deal

Cards prove me wrong

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but it’s that time of year…so I’m not posting everyday.

I was wrong about the Mets. With all those bats, I thought they could swing past the Cards. Jeff Weaver suddenly stopped being Jeff Weaver and turned into a good pitcher and then Jeff Suppan (who I know very little about) became a beast.

Endy Chavez’s catch last night was spectacular. Corey Patterson has made some dandy homerun stealers this season and Juan Pierre made a great one to steal the then-714 from Barry Bonds. After that catch, the tide would turn the Mets’ way. Then they loaded the bases and got nothing out it.

For the record, The Tigers win. I’ll stand by that one.

The Mets though…sheesh.

They get Delgado. They get Lo Duca.

Mangerial Changes

I called this one before the season started.

Lou Piniella will introduced as manager of the Chicago Cubs tomorrow.

I do not think this is a good move. Lou Piniella is 63 years old and not someone who will be there for the haul. The deal is for 3 years with a fourth year option. If he makes it through year three, then he’s outlasted my expectations. Clearly he’s there because he’s a big name. That’s not going to save the day for the Cubs. Dusty Baker was a big name and he didn’t take them to the promised land (though if Steve Bartman didn’t interfer, who knows). The only direction is up after the season Chicago had this season.

But why not Joe Girardi? He’s from the state and played with the Cubs. Sure he has a little baggage from the Marlins, but Piniella doesn’t? This guy fell into their laps and they passed for what is basically a retread. At least I don’t have to listen to Lou on FOX anymore.

I didn’t see this coming. Ken Macha bit the dust today. This doesn’t appear to be a wins and loses issue. Here’s an article that brings some insight. After his “exit” last season, this comes as a surprise. I’m betting the man for this job is Bruce Bochy. He knows how to get a lot for less with the San Diego payroll and I’m betting he can get around just fine with Oakland.

Washington, San Franciso, and Texas have openings to fill as well. I have no idea who gets the Giants and Rangers job, but I’m calling former Brave player/current Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton to get that job. Stan Kastan took over and he came from the Braves, so it seems naturally.

I do not like this…


I hope this doesn’t happen.

Orioles senior executive vice president Jim Duquette thinks his team would have to do more than just kick the tires.

“We’d have to seriously consider it(signing Barry Bonds),” said Duquette. “We could sorely use a power bat.

“Obviously, there are many factors we’d have to consider, including contract. But I would think if Barry were out there, there would be other American League teams interested, considering what he could do as a DH, preserving his body, and the fact you’d be getting a player who is about to break the home run record.”

In other words, potential for a box office boom.

I hope this is just talk. We have enough problems with steriod allegations and then to sign the grand-pooba of steriod allegations is not good. I’m no fan of Barry Bonds and I hope the O’s don’t sign him. In fact, I’m betting he doesn’t go to the O’s, He’s tight with Jim Leyland and on Opening Day 2007, I bet he’s a Tiger.

I’m not diving into this indepth because I’m sure it won’t happen. If it does happen, well…we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.