6 more to go…

Sunday spells the end for the season for the Orioles, and I for one am thankful. I’ve save the wax poetic post til Sunday. 3 games against the Yanks and 3 against the Red Sox.

Want to know what kind of season it’s been?


That’s what kind of season it’s been.

Jay Gibbons can hit his wife in the noggin with a foul ball during a game. That’s what kind of season it’s been.

Hayden Penn is pitching tonight. I figured he’d take his knocks, but not with a two by four. He had a swell performance in his last start against the the D-Rays. That’s great, but Tampa has a Triple A line-up. My fear is that Penn might just be a AAAA pitcher. Yes it’s early and he needs more than a few starts, but he’s looked bad. I’ve got no problem with using him as tradebait, but at the same time he does need time. 3 bad starts doesn’t make him worthless garbage. As I type this, Penn leaves the game hurt. Not sure what’s wrong, but maybe this is something that’s affected him and messed up him.

Nice piece on the O’s website about Ernie Tyler. Do yourself a favor and read this and see something good about the Orioles.


With the end of the season coming, look for some different things here. Nothing radical or anything, but neither you nor I want to see posts every time I do post that drool over the prospect of Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano in orange and black and imaginary line-ups, that while fun…do nothing more than make one cranky when they realize what the current line-up consists of….a few good bats and some other guys who are out machines. With the cold southern winter looming, I’ll be home more and indoors more…so I will going out of my way to post more. The winters in South Carolina can be cold. The North Carolina mountains keep out a lot snow, but if something comes through Atlanta, I get it.

Clemson whipped up on the Tarheels Saturday 52-7, which was also the reunion for the 1981(the year I was born…what a great year)  Nationship Championship team. I like this team’s chances in the ACC this year, as long as there’s not the annual stretch where we lose games we should to the likes of Wake Forest or NC State. If the Tigers can at least split the games b/t Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, I really like our chances. But man, that Boston College heartbreak could hurt still.

The Panthers won their first of the season 26-24 against the hated Tampa Bay Buccaneers to end a bad start. The Panthers also knocked out Tampa QB Chris Simms out for the season with a ruptured spleen. Glad to hear he’s ok.

I’m leaving Thursday after work and will be at the beach for 3.5 glorious days. Tomorrow’s going to be one of those days where I have a lot of to do after work, so tonight’s game may be the last of the 2006 Orioles I see.


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