Fan Protest

I haven’t been home much, so I failed to do a pre-protest post…so here’s a post protest post.

Here’s some links about the protest.

First, Mike Boehm of Oriole Magic, was there and gives his account.

Great stuff. Make sure to watch the You-Tube at the end of the article. 

Dan Steinberg from the Washington Post has a four part account.

The Sun has an article too.,0,3080478.story?coll=bal-sports-baseball

From the sound of it, Petey didn’t like too much. But something has to give. I love the Orioles, but something has to give. For now nine seasons, this franchise is going in circles. With the magical MASN money that will be at the team’s disposal this offseason, will it matter? A couple weeks ago in an interview Angelos said Roy Oswalt’s extension was “insane.” “Fourteen million dollars a year for someone who plays every fifth day is insane.” I’d like Angelos a lot more if he kept his mouth shut and would quit meddling.

Kudos to all the protesters who went out and made a lot of noise… and these weren’t troublemakers. These were fans who know their O’s , doing the O-R-I-O-L-E-S cheer, chanting Elrod’s name, and making more noise for the O’s that the team has heard at the home the whole season.  Maybe this is the kick in the pants this team needs.  There’s some talent on this team, but it’s not complete. This offseason will be huge.


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