My deadbeat friend, the Orioles

There have been two reasons that I don’t post as regular as I used to:

1. This blog is a labor of love, yet I don’t feel like posting everyday.

2. The Orioles stink.

I’m going to draw a parrarel here, just bare with me as I get it set up…

I’ve realized that the O’s are like that friend you had when you were in elementary school, the one who had the new nintendo (with powerpad), all the new toys, the big house, and played every little league sport. You were best friends then and during high school you still said hey in the hallways but you lost touch. Then one day, nine years after graduation you have to run into Walmart and get some tube socks and a bag of Doritos and you bump into him.

Now he’s a massive underachiever. Instead of accepting that scholarship to Duke, he burns trash at the landfill. (underachiever, like the O’s…see). He’s got a bad defeatist attitude. His reasoning often makes little or no sense.  Then there’s the money he’s wasted over the last nine years. He blew on cheap women, child support, mudflaps, and six packs of schlitz beer. You still keep in touch with him because you know he’s good guy and you’re rooting for him to get it all back together. But he rarely or never calls you back. Everytime you meet somewhere he’s always late. Anytime he sees you he needs you to help him with something (shouldn’t take more than a couple hours….after the hour drive to Anderson), needs to borrow some tools you’ll never see again, or needs money. He’ll hit on your sister…or your girlfriend. But for some reason you still like the guy. He promises you that give him a little time and he’ll get himself back together. You believe him…but after the 6th time you don’t anymore..especially after you realize that he picked your pocket.

I haven’t watched much of the O’s lately. I did see Erik Bedard’s shutout of the Red Sox, but at this point of the season, I don’t go out of my way to watch a 17-2 thumping or a 2-0 shutout where Kris Benson gets screwed over by the offense again. If I’m home and a games on, I’ll turn it on…but the 2006 Baltimore Orioles have worn out their welcome with me.

Onto happier things, The Clemson Tigers defeated the much hated FSU Seminoles 27-20 on a 1 yard touchdown by James Davis with 8 seconds left. Special teams tried to give this game away, allowing two kicks by Jad Dean (one XP, one FG) blocked and both returned for 2 pts and the other for a touchdown. That’s something that will have to be addressed, but it was a great game in a day of great games (LSU-Auburn, Oklahoma-Oregeon, Florida-Tennesee,) and some great buttkickings..Miami and Notre Dame getting theirs kicked.

I’m going to have to figure what to post when this season of misery and heartbreak is over and the playoffs are over. I’m not going to post twice a week about how we have to sign Soriano or Carlos Lee and then moan until spring training once they go elsewhere. I’ll figure something out.


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  1. I couldn’t have described a relationship with the O’s better myself.. Just remember, he needs your money cause his deadbeat Dad won’t give him any 🙂

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