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guess what..a negative article on the Orioles

Saw a rare article on the O’s on ESPN.com today.


This one dwells on a lot of negatives…much of which you can’t argue with. The Orioles have never rebuilt. Too often we look for quick veteran patch jobs, see Conine, Jeff. Millar, Kevin. Gomez, Chris. etc. Any of those players I have no problem whatsoever being on the bench. When they become starters and you see them everyday and are a part of your “masterplan to winning,” somethings wrong.

Just read the article, it’s a good read. I can’t argue with a lot there. This offseason is pretty big. With the MASN money that is supposed to transform the O’s into a winner now at the front office’s disposal, something is supposed to happen. Of course, I’ve heard this song and dance before, so I’ll believe when it happens.

Will Soriano or Lee come here? I think Lee goes to the Cubs or Houston. I’ll take either.

Will Schmit or Zito come here? Unless we grossly overpay….I don’t think so.

The left field situation is a horrible joke. Brandon Fahey is an alright guy to have sub once a week, but playing him out of position in LF, while he’s struggling with his bat….is tough to watch. Fernado Tatis is out of position, and that showed the other night. What is with the playing everyone of position? Why not use Fiorantino in LF or call up Terrero?

Seeing Chris Gomez at 1st hurts too.

There is some solid young talent here, but it’s nowhere near enough to win in the AL East.

Speaking of young talent…Hayden Penn hasn’t looked to good in his first two starts, has he?

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