New Ballpark of the Year

Nope, it’s not the New Busch Stadium in St.Louis. It’s my own West End Field in Greenville.

It’s a great glowing review and is a terrific ballpark. One thing I found funny was how he mentioned the singing of “Sweet Caroline” during the 8th. That started because the Red Sox do it, so apparently we should too. At first I guess it was cute. People made an effort, like the woman we nicknamed “crib notes” because she had brought the words of the song with her. Now particpation in the singing is dead basically. We sat seated usually, or I’ll use that as my cue to ‘break the seal.’ Last time I was out the PA announcer aka “the voice of GOD” (who I hope won’t be back next season) had to lead the singing and it was one of the highlights on the year,though it can’t top the Lexington game. This pompous booming voice doing a solo that was so bad I wish I had it on tape.

 Back to the park,I didn’t know that it was built with the old bricks of demolished textile mills from Greenville. I was skeptical when the city announced that they were going to build a park downtown. A few years prior they built the Bilo Center right  outside of downtown and parking there is a joke and I wasn’t sure if the location was right. After going to 15 games this season, I’m happy to announce my skepticism was incorrect. There is not a bad view in the place. No pennies were pinched in the construction on the stadium and it’s an awesome place to watch a game.It stinks that the Drive’s season ends Monday. If things work themselves out I might make it one last game this weekend. But if I don’t make it, It’s made for a great summer.


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