The Genius of Perlozzo

To a great baseball manager, the game is like a chess match. Sometimes for Sam Perlozzo, the game is like Connect Four or Candyland. Let me start out by saying,  I don’t think Sam is a horribly inept manager, but at times I question his strategy or lack there of.

Here’s a prime example. Last night in the 10th inning at Texas, with a runner on…he has Markakis bunt. In a game that you have to win in the tenth, because if the game goes to the 11th and beyond, Russ Ortiz and Bruce Chen are the only pitchers left available in the pen.(I watched most of this game, but I listened to the last two innings. One of the Rangers radio guys said “Is Perlozzo trying to lose this game? Bruce Chen is warming up in the pen and the Rangers have owned him over the years.” If this guy wasn’t a moron, he’d realize he said 30 seconds earlier that Chen and Ortiz are the only bullpen arms left and Latroy Hawkins can’t pitch more than 2 innings. Of course, if Chen and Ortiz were DFA’ed and Winstion Abreu and another bullpen guy with talent were called up, this horrible situation wouldn’t have possibly occured. the end). Back to Perlozzo, he has this bunt fetish that frustrates me. Patterson bunting is fine. He’s got the speed to make it to first safely and I understand bunting with runners on first and second. What I don’t understand is Markakis bunting in the tenth. The kid is on fire and he has him attempt to bunt. Brandon Fahey bunting in that situation is fine, because he’d probably strike out anyway. Melvin Mora bunting in that situation is understandable (let’s face it, that contract extenstion looks bad at the moment). I might not love it, but I can understand it. Nick Markakis, the same Nick Markakis who hit a 2 run homer in the same game, bunting in that situation is insane. It was a horrible decision. If the Orioles ended up lossing that game, then it would look even worse.

To his defense, I’m not going to make a final judgement on him until next season. When you have the Millars, Conines, and Ed Rodgers of the world starting on your team, you’re already in the hole.

While I’m complaining, I hope we’re seeing the last days of the Todd Williams era. Last night he coughed up 2 earned runs and 0.1 inning and forced Chris Ray to go out early and get stuck with a blown save that was Williams’ doing.


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