Carl Pavano is a walking disaster.

Remember when the Orioles were in the running for this ass? I remember that offseason two years ago where it was the O’s, the Red Sox, and the Yanks. I think it was Sports Illustrated where I read how the O’s look him to Camden Yard and had him on the mound and had his picture on the Jumbotron and said he would the Orioles’ opening day starter….and he went to the Yankees.

Thank God.

He’s 4-6 in in two seasons (he hasn’t pitched for the Yanks this season). He’s hurt his back. He’s hurt his shoulder. He’s hurt his shoulder. He’s hurt his butt. Now he’s broken two ribs. How did the incredible collasping man do this?

From the article.

Pavano crashed his 2006 Porsche into a tractor trailer in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Aug. 15, causing $30,000 in damages to his car, according to a West Palm Beach police report.

Pavano’s car hydroplaned, he lost control and the vehicle struck a tractor trailer, the report states.

First, I’m glad he’s ok. He’s lucky two broken ribs are all he walked away with.

Here’s the kicker.

Damages to the truck, which belongs to the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, were estimated at $20,000 in the report.

A Porsche crashes into a dump truck and causes $20,000 worth of damages to THE DUMP TRUCK. How fast was he going…300 mph? Does his Porsche have a missle launcher? Of course, he neglected to tell the Yankees about the wreck and the two busted ribs and continued to pitch. I’m wondering when the Yankees cut their losses and dump the walking mash unit known as Pavano.

Speaking mash units…the Red Sox are done.

Manny, David Ortiz, and Wily Mo Pena are all out indefinately.

Manny’s knee, Ortiz has an irregular heart beat, and Pena has a hand issue. The Red Sox’s pitching has not been good, but they’ve had their offense to carry them, now they have no offense, no pitcing (outside of Schilling), no chance. At least they have Javy Lopez and his broad shoulders to carry them to the playoffs…wait, scratch that…

And the O’s are losing 7-3 in the 7th against the Rangers tonight. Rodrigo Lopez started tonight, so you know there likely wouldn’t be a shutout. He didn’t do bad, thanks in part to homeplate Umpire Larry Vanover’s everchanging strikezone. The 7th is where it all went so horribly horribly wrong. Wait, it’s now 9-3 in the 7th and the inning isn’t over yet. Russ Ortiz is warming up in the bullpen.

I’m thinking this is sign that I need to catch up on some sleep.


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