Good Day to be an O’s fan

First, The Orioles swept the D-Rays with Miguel Tejada driving in Nick Markakis at the bottom of the ninth to get the win. Loewen didn’t look amazing, but did work his way out of some jams without giving up too much. Miggy also had some great plays on defense, including one that was amazing. Jeff Conine drove in 2 RBIs….which leads into reason number 2

2. Jeff Conine (and cash) was traded today to the Phillies for a player to be named later. Conine had a nice series against the Rays, but it’s clear that Conine needed to be playing ball somewhere else. He’s an aging player who you can’t build a team around. I’d rather see Luis Terrero be in Baltimore or see Tatis get some more playing time so we can see what we have in the other players who could be part of the future instead of starting a 40 year old band aid. With that said, I wish Conine luck in Philly and hope they can get the wildcard.

3. Hayden Penn is being called up. All I can say is about time. I don’t know if they’re going with the 6 man rotation or sending Lopez to the pen. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Lopez getting an occassional start because it’s clear Benson is wearing down and Bedard’s never pitched this much before, so that wouldn’t bother me too much. But I want Cabrera, Loewen, and Penn to get as many starts as possible to end the season.

A sweep, a little bit of housecleaning, and a call up….It’s been a good day, kids.


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