My Little League/ESPN Rant

It’s not too often I use this blog as a soapbox to gripe about something, but I will today. For the past two weeks ESPN has been pulling the Little League World Series. There’s games on TV, there’s highlights of the games, there’s interviews with players.

anchor: “So what position do you play?”

kid: “1st base.”

Anchor: “What grade are you in?”

kid: “3rd grade.”

Anchor: “Who’s your favorite baseball player?”

kid: “Derek Jeter”

Anchor: “What’s your favorite food?”

Kid: “Mac and Cheese.”

That’s not an actual transscript, but it might as well be. I have yet to watch a little league world series game and I won’t. If ESPN wants to show the championship game, that’s all fine and good. I have no beef with that. But they’re showing game after game for day after day. These are little kids playing baseball. No one should really care except their family and friends. I wonder if there’s a lot of betting on these games.

Gambler 1: “Snoresbrook, PA is a powerhouse. I called Vegas today and they’re 20 to 1 odds. Can you believe that? I’m going to make a killing. They’ve got that kid pitcher whose favorite color is red and wants to be an astronaut. He’s amazing…I imagine that’s what watching Pedro when he was a kid was like.”

Gambler 2: “I betting 10K on Magglesnort, AK. Their shortshop, the one who likes cheese pizza and has a puppy named Pujols, is amazing. It’s like he’s could start in the majors and he’s only 12.”

It’s ridicilous. Little League’s great, but I think these kids are being exploited to an extent. ESPN and the Little League are cashing in and I guess the only thing the kids get are to miss school, be on tv, and have a pizza party. I’m all for little league, it’s great for kids and they’re the future of baseball, but don’t show it everyday on ESPN and cram it down my throat. When I have kids and if they want to play baseball…then I’ll watch their games, even if they make it to ESPN


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