Going to Durham

I had hoped and had plans to go to my first O’s game this weekend against the D-Rays, but things fell through. There’ll be plenty other seasons and plenty more home games, so I’ll go next season. BUT I will making the trip up to Durham tomorrow. Me and a buddy will be making the trip to see the Durham Bulls host the Charlotte Knights.

Durham, of course, is home of the Durham Bulls. The Bulls are the Triple-A affilate for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and made famous by movie Bull Durham. Durham is about a 4 drive from Greenville, so we’re going to leave early and hopefully be able to check out the old park before the game. The Knights are the Triple-A team for the Chicago White Sox. If I have time I’ll go the Duke University Campus and…..I don’t know…boo them. I hate Duke (Clemson Tigers, baby).

About last night, all I have to say is that the Twins play AWESOME defense. If the front office builds the Orioles around pitching and defense, then the Twins should be a model. There’s not a lot of big money contracts and it’s a scrappy, smart team. I hope we can be that lucky.

I’ll be back later this weekend, see you then. 


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