I got some good stuff today. The good folks at sent me 3 copies of to give away. I, of course, also received a copy and have to say it’s a great dvd. It’s the official review of each of the O’s 3 World Series win. Here’s the link to A&E

 so you can check it out. On the dvd there’s some awesome defense by Brooks Robinson, some power by Frank Robinson, and there’s also Moe Drabosky’s classic relief outing in the 1966 series. Now I can’t just give these away randomly, that’s not my style. I’ve pondered for a couple of days how to give them away. Here’s what I’ve come up with, below are some Orioles triva questions. 10 in total. The way this works is that the first three to send the correct answers (cut and paste them into an email and send to are correctly will get the dvds. I’ve painstakingly researched these questions, so I’m not making it easy. Once I receive the first three winners, I’ll let you know. Good luck and may the best and smartest fans win.

1. Who is the Orioles franchise leader in ERA and what is it?

2. Which reliever had the most saves in a season for the Orioles and how many?

3. Which Orioles pitcher has the most complete games in a season?

4. How many stolen bases did Brian Roberts have in 2004?

5. When is Melvin Mora’s birthday?

6. Which Oriole has been plunked more times than any other Oriole in the team’s history?

7. How many games did Cal Ripken Jr. play for the Orioles?

8. How many wins did Earl Weaver have as manager of the Orioles?

9. Which college did Kris Benson go to?

10. What is Miguel Tejada’s middle name?

There you go, have at it.


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