Smorgasbord of Info

I’m going to completely ignore what happened in Boston last night. Since I’ve been somewhat spotty in posting lately, I’m going to catch up further…

Nick Markakis has been a reason to watch the O’s. As of the moment, .299 5 HR and 37 RBI. Glad he got things worked out in the majors and didn’t need to go to Ottawa. How about moving him to the 2 hole, Sam?

Javy Lopez got traded to the Red Sox for a Player to be named later.

Great. I’ll take whatever we can get from an aging overpaid back-up catcher/DH/failed first baseman. Supposedly, Adam Stern is opposed to go to the Orioles but due to a feud b/t the Red Sox and Devil Rays over the Sox illegally contacting Julio Lugo’s agent and gauge his interest about playing second. It’s ok for the D-Rays and Sox hate each other, but do the Orioles need to be the victims? Hey, if the Rays wanted to spite the Bo Sox, they should have claimed Javy Lopez.

I remember when the O’s signed Javy, I was slightly optimistic over it. Javy came off a 2003 season where he batted .328 w/ 43 homers and 109 rbi. He came nowhere near to those numbers in Baltimore, makes you wonder with all the steriod/hgh etc….you know where I’m going and I’m going to leave it at that because I could be completely wrong. One of the worst parts of the steriod era is that these questions will come up in these situations. I’m not saying I think he he did or he didn’t. Its sad that we have to have these questions. Signing an aging catcher is always a dicey proprosition. Regardless, I wish Javy luck. I watched him come up with the Braves and with the O’s, so good luck but I hope the Red Sox don’t win the World Series because I hate them.

Rodrigo Lopez got moved to the bullpen. Now that he can’t be traded, there’s no need to showcase him and yes, Russ Ortiz is still an O.

Got one more week until vacation. Was hoping to go see a friend in Maryland and go to an O’s game, but it looks like that’s not going to happen, so I’m going to have to wait til next season to go. I’ll more than likely be going to Durham, NC and see the Durham Bulls play, you probably know them from the aptly named movie “Bull Durham.” Next week can’t come soon enough.

Luis Matos got released by the Nationals. I thought I couldn’t like another Oriole less than I did Matos, but then I met this guy named Russ Ortiz and the rest is history.

Once I’m on my vacation, I’ll make sure to scan those pictures from Turner Field. I’m going back in Sept. for the Cubs/Braves and I’m going to bring the digital because I hate scanning.


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