Catching up…

Have been mighty busy for the past week, but things have slowed down and now I’m back…

How about Adam Loewen on Saturday?

6.1 innings 1 hit 5 BB 8 K and NOOOOO runs.

I’ve always thought Loewen was called up too soon and had some rough starts. By one-hitting the Yankees, a team that has no easy outs in their line-up, I’m hoping this will really get him going. The 5 walks is something he’ll have to work on, but this is something we’ll have to enjoy. Too bad I missed this game.

Going from good to bad….very bad…Russ “waste of roster spot”  Ortiz. I don’t know what else I can say about this guy.

Yesterday he threw 90 pitches over 3 innings. The result?

9 hits 6 runs 3 walks 2 HR and 0 K and he’s now 0-3 with an ERA of 12.57 in his Oriole career.

How many more starts are they going to give him?

How bad do you feel for Winston Abreu? Yesterday in his major league action ever, went 2 inning and allowed 2 hits, no runs, 0 BB and struck out 2 AND got sent down to Ottawa today to make room for Daniel Cabrera (too early if you ask me). How do you think that conversation went?

“Hey, Winston. Great game today!”


“Yeah, you got a bright future with the Orioles. You really helped us out today.”

“That means alot to me.”

“There is something I need to talk to you about though.”


“Well, we’ve got Daniel Cabrera who we want back for Tuesday’s game and we’re going to send you back down.”

“Why? I just unpacked.”

“Well…You did good today, but we think a little more time in the minors. The bullpen is a pretty crowded place with Russ, Bruce, Todd, and Tim there and we don’t think we’d be doing you any favors by keeping you up here and not playing you. Those guys are a fearsome foursome”

“Why is Russ still here?”

“Russ Ortiz is a quality major league starter. He’s had a rough year, sure. But once this guy gets back on track he’ll be a centerpiece of our pitching rotation. He’s taken his lumps but when Russ Ortiz gets it back together he will be a beast to contend with.”

“Russ Ortiz is so far off track he’s in outer space. What do I need to work on?”

“Uh…throw more strikes. You gave up 2 hits…try not to give up any. I need to find Tim Byrdak and congradulate on that great two-thirds he pitched.”

For the record, I think this is a rotten move. Abreu lives in right in my home city of Greenville in his off-season and his wife teaches at school here. I mean to save the article that was in the G’ville News last week but I forgot. Tomorrow I’ll try to find it on their website.


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