Trade Deadline Approaches

and of course, no deals to report…

It appears that Tejada is staying put.

From’s Ken Rosenthal

“The Orioles will not trade shortstop Miguel Tejada, has learned.

The Astros, Angels and Rangers all made substantial offers for Tejada, a major-league official says, but the Orioles were not motivated enough to make a deal.

The Orioles rejected at least one blockbuster trade — Tejada for Astros right-hander Roy Oswalt, shortstop Adam Everett and a third player.

They also could have sent Tejada to the Angels for right-hander Ervin Santana and Triple-A shortstop Erick Aybar.

Either deal could have changed the direction of the Orioles’ franchise, but owner Peter Angelos refused to approve any trade involving Tejada, a decision that is certain to be second-guessed.

The Astros, major-league sources say, are steamed that Angelos apparently quashed the original Oswalt-Tejada deal as well as several revised proposals.

But there may have been another issue.

The Astros, one major-league executive says, feared that the Orioles would flip Oswalt, their most prized acquisition for Tejada, to Houston’s cross-state rival, the Texas Rangers.

A National League executive says the Astros “knew all along” that the Orioles were trying to flip Oswalt. However, the executive says that the Orioles indiscreetly shopped all of the players that the Astros offered them to other clubs, calling it “no way to do business.”

The protocol in such matters is unclear.

Other executives say that if the Astros knew the Orioles were pursuing other deals, they are in no position to be upset; teams frequently engage in such practices, and not all are upfront with their intentions.

The Orioles apparently intended to trade Oswalt to the Rangers for third baseman Hank Blalock, Triple-A shortstop Joaquin Arias and one of the Rangers’ top three pitching prospects — left-hander John Danks, right-hander Thomas Diamond or right-hander Edison Volquez.

They also would have ended up with two other players from the Astros — Everett and possibly third baseman Morgan Ensberg — effectively making the deal a 5-for-1 for Tejada.

Presumably, the Orioles then would have spun one of the third basemen, Blalock or Ensberg, or moved one of them to first, while moving their current third baseman, Melvin Mora, back to the outfield.

At one point Sunday, the Rangers appeared to be closing in on a trade for Phillies right-hander Jon Lieber, but were diverted by their pursuit of Oswalt.

For the Astros, losing Oswalt to the Rangers could have been a public-relations nightmare, evoking memories of when Nolan Ryan went from Houston to Texas. The Astros had similar concerns when Roger Clemens was courted by the Rangers as a free agent last spring.

However, a second NL executive says the Astros would have been less concerned about Oswalt going to the Rangers than their biggest NL Central rival, the Cardinals.

The Astros’ inclusion of Oswalt in the Tejada discussions likely will shock the team’s fans, but this probably will not be the last time Oswalt’s name surfaces in trade discussions.

Oswalt, 28, is a free agent after the 2007 season. He is expected to seek a contract of at least five years. And his injury history and slight, 6-foot, 185-pound frame make him a long-term risk.”

Ken Rosenthal is’s senior baseball writer.

SIGH. If true, then I doubt if the O’s will be getting a Christmas card from Houston this year. That’s business though. I don’t see the Astros beef. We’re not exactly a great team and need all the help we can get. If the deal could have been done and players flipped, it would have been a nice move from the team.

1st Ensberg 2nd Roberts SS Everett 3rd Blalock LF Mora CF Patterson RF Markakis C Hernandez DH Gibbons and No reliance on Conine or Millar everyday.

It would definately be an improved team, BUT it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I would have liked the Orioles to get Oswalt and keep him, but I can understand why they’d look into flipping him since we have several holes that need to get filled.

If in fact no Tejada trade will happen (I’m not convinced yet) then the front office needs to deals happen to get Rodrigo, Javy, Conine, Hawkins and Millar going.

*Steve Phillips just said on ESPNews that the O’s would have flipped Oswalt to the Mets for Lasting Milledge and prospects. Milledge is a headcase and I’m not crazy about getting him and Buster Olney just said that Tejada has been told that he will NOT be traded.

I’m all for keeping Tejada IF we can add talent around him and be compete. Are we going to pony up some money for someone to bat behind him or are we going to hear the lame line that “Jay Gibbons coming back from the DL is like a trade.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Jay Gibbons…but we’re going to need more to win that than.

Nice win yesterday, good to see we got a ninth inning win as we were 2-51 before yesterday when trailing in the ninth inning. Now we’re 3-51! Good see Javy Lopez get a clutch hit since I’ve grown to equate Javy Lopez to being the polar opposite of clutch. It’s tough though because we had a chance to win all 3 games.

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting off and on today and hopefully have some good trades to talk about.


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