No News..

It’s 4:34 pm Eastern time and the Orioles have made NO moves. Granted something could be announced later, but so far color me extremely doubtful. More Conine. More of the Lopezez. More of the same I guess…sigh.

The Dodgers got Greg Maddux and Julio Lugo. Getting Lugo was a surprise…but with Kent hurt and Nomar banged up too, getting Lugo and Wilson Betiment look to be smart moves.

The Nats did NOT trade Alfonso Soriano. Apparently Bowden got greedy and overplayed his hand. They’ve said they’re going to try to re-sign him. If they can, that’s great. If not, then Bowden has made an epic blunder.

Craig Wilson went to the Yankees for SHAWN CHICON!?!?

Xaiver Nady went to the Pirates and the Mets got Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez.

Sean Casey went to the Tigers and early season phenom Chris Shelton got sent to Triple A.

Notice something here? The Pirates embraced their sellers role, something I wish the O’s could have done.

Oh well, it’s only 4:40.


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