Thursday Smorgasbord

Figured it’d post a few interestings stats and a couple quotes today…

We’ve all been underwhelmed by Russ Ortiz. After last Friday’s no out recorded start, I want him gone…and after comparing his Oriole line with another pitcher, I’m want him gone even more.

Stats from


R Ortiz
BAL 0 2 13.50 4 4 0 0 0 0 12.0 25 19 18 5 1 7 4
J Brower
BAL 0 1 13.86 12 0 0 0 0 1 12.1 21 19 19 1 3 13 9

Sorry to bring back sore gaping wounds, but yes…Russ Ortiz and Jim Brower have nearly dead identical stats. Even typing the name Jim Brower makes me feel that somewhere a reliever has given up a 5 run lead in the 7th inning. Look at the stats, neither can get a strikeout but can give up runs like nobody’s business. Brower stunk…no doubt about it. Now that Oritz is ‘fine tuning his craft’ in the bullpen, I guess he can be the Son of Brower or Brower’s Revenge. I just hope it with me out with the friends tonight and Ortiz makes a garbage appearence in the 7th tonight and his wild pitch hits me all the way from KC.

Here’s something from Buster Olney that will make you bang your head against the wall, but with a smile on your face…

Adam Loewen was The Man for the Orioles. If only, from the Orioles’ point of view, they could get Daniel Cabrera righted; then the O’s would have the core of something pretty good, with Loewen, Cabrera and Erik Bedard.

Nice to see Loewen get win number one last night. I caught a couple innings and was impressed. If Loewen and Penn are as good as billed and if Cabrera gets his head screwed on straight then those three along with Bedard and Benson then that’s a killer young and potentially great rotation, with the exception of Benson in terms of youth. BUT let’s just wait and see before I get my hopes up.

Speaking of Benson, he left KC to go back to Baltimore because of a sore elbow. Hope it’s nothing major, but it could be the reason why he’s been getting knocked around a little lately.

I’m going back to Atlanta Saturday to see the Mets play my second favorite by a couple miles team…the Atlanta Braves. Since the Orioles aren’t in town, I’ll be breaking out the old Braves shirt. I’ll be seeing Orlando Hernandez go against Tim Hudson. I hope Hudson’s vastly better than his wretched outing against the O’s, not that I was complaining at the time though. I used to be able to rattle off every player on the Braves, but now that I’ve got Extra Innings and XM, I don’t rely on TBS for a daily baseball fix (which I have on now…Marlins leading the Braves 6 zip), so I can watch and suffer with the Orioles every game if I want. I’ll get some more pictures than I did last time since I got the camera down.

Speaking of the Marlins, I along with the rest of the world thought this was going to be an epically bad team. But now they’re sitting at 46-53 with a team that with the exception of Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, and closer Joe Borowski (21 saves) should be playing in Triple A this season. Give this team a couple of seasons and they could be really good.


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