What do I want the O’s to do?

I don’t play video games like I used to, I guess that’s a part of growing up. However, I still have an X-box, the old one….I can’t justify spending 400 bucks on a 360.  I’ll break it out every once and awhile and play mainly either Madden (Carolina Panthers), NCAA Football (Clemson Tigers) and MLB (the Orioles). When I play the MLB 2005, I always use the trade option and trade away the Palmerios, Ponsons, Grimsleys…etc. Anyway, this whole lead-in is about how I’d improve the O’s.

First let’s target the positions of need…

1st base, DH, LF, and the rotation.

All of these holes can’t be filled at the deadline, so it’d be foolish to assume otherwise. However, a few can be addressed.

1st base- Sean Casey, Craig Wilson, Ryan Shealy are the names that first pop out.  Personally, Casey would not be one I’d want. He’s 32 and makes 8.5 million this season. I’d take him everyday of the week over Millar/Conine…but at 8.5 million that’s too much for him.

Shealy is a 26 year old prospect in the Rockies system. He’s blocked because there’s a guy named Todd Helton who plays first base there. Trading for him is a crapshoot.  If he can be obtained for LaTroy Hawkins and a double A arm, then why not take the chance. I’m not as convinced as some that he’s the answer to the first base problem.

Craig Wilson should be someone the O’s should set their sights on, he’s 29 and hit. I’m wondering what his pricetag will be after the season. Actually, he’s my pick of who we should try to get. Too often the front office goes after the Konekos of the world, who we know we have NO chance of getting due to whatever reason. Wilson’s someone who we could definately get.

Aubrey Huff went to Houston in a trade, but he’s a free agent after the season. He can play first, third, or outfield and has a career average of .288. I’m betting he doesn’t leave the Astros, but if he does, it’d be a nice fit.

My pick….Craig Wilson


Jay Gibbons could fit in either here or the 1st base problem. Either of which is fine, I like Gibbons’ offense but the sooner he gets out of the outfield, the better. At first or DH, Gibbons would be better suited.

I’m looking at the free agent list and there’s not much for DH. You got your Gary Sheffields, JerOmy Burntizes, and yes, your Barry Lamar Bonds out there…none of which I want.

DH- Jay Gibbons (give the man some starts at first from time to time too though, getting only 4 at bats a game and sitting one the bench can be rough on a man’s soul.)


No platooning. No band-aids. No more. Give me someone who can play everyday in left and isn’t a liability because of his defense (Conine), their because we have no other spot for him (Fahey…who I like by the way), or because no one wants (the late Matos).

Carlos Lee is a dream. I don’t see him happening. I’d loooove to be proved otherwise, but there’s going to be a line of teams after him and unless we overpay, then there’s no way he comes here.

David Dellucci was drafted by the O’s, would be a okay signing.

There’s Shannon Stewart and Cliff Flloyd, both which I think would be all right fits, a little older at 32 or 33, but I kind of what to see us steer away from signing older players, BUT these two would be fine with me, but I’d prefer Flloyd.

I’m pulling one of out the MLB 2005 and would sign Jermaine Dye and put him leftfield.

As for the starting pitching, I say put the money on a solid starter to go along with Bedard and Benson. Penn, Loewen, and Cabrera can duke it out for the 4 and 5 spots.

Mark Mulder’s a free agent and has not had a good season for the Cards. I think he’s a pitcher who needs to go back to the American League. Sign him, with his season, I’m sure his price tag isn’t going to be as high as it was.

2nd Roberts

3rd Mora

1st Wilson

SS Tejada

DH Gibbons

C   Hernandez

LF Dye

CF Patterson

RF Markakis

Rotation- Bedard, Mulder, Benson, Penn, Loewen/Cabrera

That’s a better team. I’m sure it’d be in contention for the wild card (at least) on the MLB 2005. I wanted to do a long post on this, but I’m running late as it is and I need to get going. The Orioles and Royals start at 8:10 with Kris Benson going against Mark Redman, let’s hope for a sweep.


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