Rough weekend

Caught only one O’s game this weekend…unless you count Friday, where I left before Russ Ortiz recorded an out. I made a point today to watch Erik Bedard go up against Scott Kazmir, and it was a very good game.

Bedard went 7 strong and giving up 2 runs on 3 hits. He struck out 9 and walked 3. Kazmir went 7 gave up 2 runs on 7 hits and striking out 10. It was good to see the O’s get some pitching today especially after the past two days with Russ Ortiz being unable to to record a single out and Rodrigo Lopez giving up 7 runs in 4 and a third last night. I wish Bedard could pitch every night.

Good thing the O’s have an off day and then go to Kansas City. Maybe Benson can find his groove again, Loewen can get a quality start and Rodrigo can get a nice trade value start all against the Royals. Of course, if we score 9 runs in one inning against the Royals and still lose…well, I’m not prepared to talk about that.

Russ Ortiz is going to the bullpen. After Friday, I’m stunned he’s still on the team. I was in favorite of the move when it happened, because it was a gamble that was cheap. If he could florish again by being reunited with Mazzone, then it’s a genius move, but as we stand now, it was a move that has had wretched results. But, sometimes moves don’t work out. I guess putting Ortiz in the pen buys some time and when Penn and Cabrera are ready then he’ll get his walking papers.

Corey Patterson busted out of his slump by going 5 for 5 last night, with 2 doubles and 3 singles to go with a stolen base.

I missed that marthaton game last night.  A team can get nine runs in an inning and still lose. I was at the Drive game, which is getting to an extremely hard ticket to score. I called at about 4pm to reserve some tickets and the only thing left were the terrance and deck tickets for the 7pm game. I took my Dad Thursday, which was amazing since my Dad is not a sports guy. In fact, this was the first game we’ve ever attended together. The ballpark is in the middle of downtown and that’s where he grew up, so he wanted to see what they’ve done with it. We had to sit on the Terrance since the tickets for the seats were sold out already (on a Thursday night), it’s not bad on the Terrance. It’s the grass bank beside the third base seats. It’s kind of nice watching some baseball in the grass. The view’s great. But Dad loved the park and he wants to go back. Sadly though, there’s only four more homestands left, so we got to get back soon. Oh, and both Thursday and Last night were come from behind wins against the Savannah Sand Gnats….always the best kind. I need to take some pictures at a game soon….I’ve been meaning too, but I always forget.

I’m going down to Atlanta Saturday to catch the Mets against the Braves. I’ll be pulling for my second favorite the Braves. It looks like I’ll be seeing Tim Hudson going for the Braves (who I hope is better than he was against the O’s) and possibly Pedro Martinez making his return from the DL, which would be a great game…depending on which Tim Hudson shows up.


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