Ranger’s/O’s series thoughts

It’s funny how the Orioles play with my emotions. I missed Thursday’s game because I was out with some friends and I’m glad I did. When I saw the score, I was disgusted.
That’s when I was thinking this team is horrible.
I’m still completely befuddled…yes, BEFUDDLED by Daniel Cabrera (I hope some time in Triple-A gets his control and his head right).
When I saw that Bruce Chen gave up 3 Homeruns, I was not surprised. But I am stunned he’s still an Oriole. What does he have to do to be released?

Friday’s game was a heartbreaker. I got home to listen to the last 5 innings on XM.
Kris Benson pitched his guts out, but for the second straight night the offense was DOA and that’s when I was convinced an axe needed to be taken to this team.
Pitching beats good hitting nine times out of ten, but when there’s NO hitting for the team that has the good pitching, well…that’s a tough loss to take.

I was stuck at work all day Saturday and all of today, so I missed the two wins.
Bedard was lights out again in an 8-1.
I was down on Bedard at the end of last season and I was too upset when his name was mentioned in trade rumors.
Could you image how things would have been if a Tejada/Bedard for Prior/Pie/Cedeno trade happened? It would be truly dark days for the O’s…and us.
Our offense would be as weak as a wet paperbag full of pennies and Kris Benson would be the lone bright spot of our rotation.

from MLB.com

During his six-game win streak, Bedard has a 1.07 ERA. He’s given up 23 hits and walked nine over the 42-inning span, striking out 44. When Bedard began the win streak, his ERA was 5.60; it dropped to 4.02 after Saturday’s victory.

Crazy good sick numbers.

Today Rodrigo Lopez upped his traded value going 5 and 2/3 scoreless innings as the O’s topped the Rangers 4-0. Tejada and Markakis hit homers today. Hate that I missed these the last two games. I’m getting excited about Markakis. He’s struggled alot, but he’s starting to really find his own now, batting .274. Although, if I see that Rodrigo is pitching, it’s usually a green light to see what any of my friends are up to that day (though I do watch or listen to as many games as possible).

So the series ends this weekend with a split, that was plenty ugly and plenty fine. This team’s Jekyll and Hyde thing is wearing on me though. For a game or two they can’t hit the water if they fell out of a boat and then the next night they’ll crank out the hits. It’s a very uneven…or rather inconsistent team.

I really think this team could be a really good team if it addresses a few holes, as it stands now though, they could be .500 if a lot things go right.

Hey, Former-Oriole Luis Matos is now a member of the Washington Nationals. No matter what he does there I’ll never miss him because I know if he stayed an O, he’d bat .190 and stink it up if he stayed in Baltimore.

Adam Loewen starts tomorrow against the A’s. Should be an interesting watch.

I’m watching the Mets and Cubs on ESPN and I have one question… DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE ESPYS?


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