Ottawa or Bust

Big news today
Daniel Cabrera and Sendy Rleal go to Ottawa and Adam Loewen and Eddy Rodriguez get called up.
I think this is great move. Cabrera needs to get his head right and pitching in the minors would allow him to. Maybe he can get his control down and get his change up down. Loewen’s pitched great in Triple-A, 2-0 and 1.27 ERA in 3 starts.

Some other moves I think the O’s should make

1. Release Bruce Chen.
2. Plug in Ortiz in the mop-up role
3. Trade Rodrigo Lopez. The Mets need a starter or two, so how about Diaz for Lopez?
4. Re-sign Brian Roberts
5. Keep Todd Williams on a short lease, and if he continues to give up runs, release him.
6. Wait on any Miggy trade til the off-season.
7. Trade Javy Lopez, LaTroy Hawkins, Jeff Conine, and Kevin Millar.
8. Trade for Ryan Shealy or another 1st base talent
9. Call up Hayden Penn as soon as he’s healthy.
10.Shop Kris Benson around. You don’t HAVE to trade him…but at this point the O’s need to get younger and build w/ young talent.

I missed last night’s game and I’m glad I did.


One Response

  1. I agree. Dump Chen as fast as you can. I wouldn’t shop Benson though. I’d sign him to a longer deal. He’s a good pitcher. That’s what we need. Don’t move the parts we need.

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