Carlos Lee or Soriano

I LOVE the Sports Illustrated Truth and Rumors.

The Orioles have strong interest in free-agents-to-be Carlos Lee of the Brewers and the Nationals’ Alfonso Soriano, but it’s uncertain whether either of them will have interest in Baltimore. — Washington Post

Here’s the article.

I don’t know if this means if we are interested in trading for them or waiting til after the season and going after them. For the sake of what I’m writing, I’m going with via trade route.

Carlos Lee in an Orioles uniform would make me a happy happy guy. BUT what are we going to trade for him? Are we going to mortgage the future for a couple months of Lee or Soriano? If a deal could get done, that’s awesome. But if Lee or Soriano don’t resign with the O’s in the offseason, then we have nothing to show for it. Will they ever want to come here?

Do I think it’s likely? No. Loewen would HAVE to be a part of deal involving Lee or Soriano. If it could net either of these two and they could resign them, then I’d do it a heartbeat. The Nats and the Brewers want young players, so Rodrigo Lopez, Bruce Chen, and Javy Lopez wouldn’t get them to pick up their phone.

I think Soriano is a bit of a headcase, but after that horrible fiasco in Washington to start Spring Training, he’s done and said the right things.

Left Field for the O’s has been a void for years. A Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano would be a Godsend. An unlikey one, but there’s always a chance.

Here’s what our batting order would look like if this fantasy trade could somehow come true (I CAN NOT STRESS HOW UNLIKELY I THINK THIS IS TOO HAPPEN) and the Ryan Shealy trade.

2B Brian Roberts
3B Melvin Mora
SS Miguel Tejada
LF Carlos Lee
C Ramon Hernandez
DH Jay Gibbons
1B Ryan Shealy
CF Corey Patterson
RF Nick Markakis

*In case of Soriano, I’d bat him second and move Mora and Tejada down a spot.

Fahey, Conine/Millar(whoever’s left),Gomez (if not traded for spare parts),Terrero and whoever our back-up catcher is going to be once Javy Lopez is gone.

That is a dream.

Here’s your obligatory Tejada rumor.

The Angels have made no secret of their interest in supplementing the offense with a powerful veteran hitter, with Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Miguel Tejada and Bobby Abreu among the candidates. To get one, though, Stoneman probably would have to surrender several top prospects. — Los Angeles Times

If a trade(or fat contract in the offseason is waiting for) for Lee or Soriano is being tossed around, I say a Tejada trade would never happen. Carlos Lee or Soriano would be acquired to get Miggy happy.

Rebuffed in attempts to trade Sidney Ponson, the Cardinals are expected to officially part ways today with the pitcher. Ponson has attracted significant interest from the Yankees and Red Sox and could accept a bid from either club if he clears waivers. — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Sir Sid on the Yankees or the Red Sox? I hope it happens. I hope whoever signs him gets Matos too. I could hate them more.

Some members of the national media have speculated that Sam Perlozzo could be on the hot seat, but several high-ranking Orioles officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the rookie manager has grown into his job and done nothing to put it in jeopardy. Orioles players also say they are firmly behind Perlozzo. — Baltimore Sun

Perlozzo is safe. I’m sure for several reasons.
1) No Sam, then no Leo Mazzone.
2) If Perlozzo gets canned this quick, what manager in their right mind would want to come here?
3) Sam hasn’t even managed a full season.


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  1. Ben-

    Great post! I really hope the O’s DO SOMETHING! Your comment to my blog was wonderful too… unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Blogger cooperated when I posted it… so sorry if it didn’t work….


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