My Mascot is a Sleazeball

The Greenville Drive’s Mascot, the Reedy Rip-It, got arrested for little too friendly with a female fan. Hey, Sports Illustrated has it on the front page
The Greenville News has the mugshot.
The News tonight said he’s suspended with pay, but this happened in April, and until the woman filed the complaint with the police…they had this sleazebag working still.
But now that the story’s out, they suspended him and I’m sure he’ll get fired. But this should have happened in the first place, once the team investigated the inicident.
Mascots are stupid looking by nature. They’re for kids and usually, like this one, designed by kids.If the guy underneath the suit is a felon or a perv…well, that’s no good at all.
I tired to find a picture of this stupid looking frog but I couldn’t. That’s good I suppose.
Anyway, I’ve hated the frog before and now I’ll hate him more.


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