Orioles win and I’m there to see it

I picked the wrong day to go to the right game. Originally the plan was to go to today’s game, but I made a mistake and got tickets for Saturday. The problem with tickets for Saturday was that we had to work. I had to go work early….really early, 4 am to be exact..and yes, I may have a new job at months end…and of course with a call-out and being shorthanded I had to scrape it together and kill myself to get out at 12:30. After running home, grabbing a shower, and getting myself together I picked up Chris and we hit the road. My caffefine high was still in effect at this point, but nowhere near the peak I had earlier.

Traffic in Atlanta was nowhere near the hassle I had last year. Granted traffic in Atlanta is NEVER easy, but it kept moving and there were gaps this time. Every time I think Greenville’s a big city, I think Atlanta and it makes G’ville look like po-dunk Mayberry. We found the ramp for Turner Field and go off. I then took a wrong turn and ended up in a part of town that I’d make sure to lock my car in…in fact, I’d never leave my car in this part of Atlanta because I’d never have business there.
My favorite business in Atlanta was a hair salon called “Oh, My Nappy Hair!”

On to the game…
The seats were great.
Had a great view, we had seats 1 and 2…which is great usually except for the people in 3 thru 6 having the bladders the size of pennies and apparently appettites like crazed hyenas having to go out every inning.

Russ Ortiz…eh..didn’t digust me, but didn’t impress me either…with his pitching anyways. He went 2-2 with 2 RBI and a run scored, so if he flops as a pitcher maybe he can DH. Russ threw a LOT of balls. Granted the guy hasn’t pitched in 3 or 4 weeks and didn’t get a start in Ottawa or anything to get his stuff back. He didn’t look impressive, but he pitched good enough not to lose.
Tim Hudson though looked BAD. The O’s tossed him around and threw him out after 2.2 innings to a chorus of cheers and boos from the crowd. I gave him a cheer because I apprectiated his contribution to the game.

Tejada looked good. He had 2 K’s, a hit, and got hit by a Chris Retisma pitch AND he had two really good defensive plays. Speaking of defensive plays, Andruw Jones made a terrific catch to rob Jeff Conine. Jones is such an amazing player.
Markakis had another good night too.

I was surprised to see the number of O’s fans there. It wasn’t a sea of Orange and Black by any means, but we were there and we were happy. It’s always good to be around O’s fans since I’m one of the few around in SC.

I do have pictures, most of which are too far back. I’m not good with the zoom on the camera. My view was better than the pictures turned out. I’ll get to those later.

LaTroy Hawkins scared me pitching 2…yes 2 innings of tightrope walking daredevil baseball. The attempt tagout/late throw on Chipper Jones was horrible…after which he loaded up the bases, which no runs scored…but that’s your typical LaTroy Hawkins outing.

I love Turner Field. Going to try to get down to a couple more games. Going down in September to see the Cubs as the agreement went between Chris…He sees the O’s, I see the Cubs. Probably going down at the end of the month and see the Mets and Braves play. I can boo the Mets.

Chris Ray pitched the ninth, though it was not a save situation. Chipper homered off him to bring the Braves one run closer, but that was it and the O’s ended up with a win. Which made a 2 and a half hour drive home easier, though the effects of my exhaustion were slightly more apparent. I got home by 2 am and after being up for 23 hours, I slept easy.

If we had ended up going to today’s game though it’d be a different story.

Here’s a photos…

Turner Field has an awesome HD Jumbotron.

BP before the game. Millar’s down the in the warmup…I think he was eatting a piece of fried chicken.

Indisputable photographic evidence of the start of the Russ Ortiz Oriole era.

Despite a giant hat blocking his line of vision Brian Roberts hit a triple, though he tagged out when he overslid.


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