A few more pictures…

If I had known that the pictures would have turned out as they did (if you click on them that is) I would have taken more. I’ll remember this since I’m planning on going to a couple more Braves game plus I might be making a trip up in August…but nothing’s set yet, so I don’t want to get my hopes up

There’s Buck Martinez interviewing Sam Perlozzo before the game.
Talking about how medicore Luis Matos is likely.

That’s the site of the dump formerly known as Fulton-County Stadium. That’s where Aaron broke the Babe’s record right now.
When I go back later this month, I’m gonna go earlier and get some better and more pictures…It looks like the Mets at the Braves.
I forgot to mention this earlier and hate myself for it.
During BP one of the O’s benchwarmers who I’ve never seen before…He was number 14, which is Chris Gomez’s number, but he’s on the DL…regardless though, he hit a foul line drive down the first baseline, took a hop, and ricocheted off a security guy’s head. It was a moment of greatness because I was looking at it when it happened, the guy was ok and worked the game….I’m sure he’s sore. But it was a priceless moment.
If only I had on tape.


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