Slick Nick hits BIG

I love doubleheaders. Nick Markakis loves them more, I’m sure.
Nick went a combine 5-7 in yesterday’s 2 games and he looked good. He looked a pro. I’m backing of my earlier stance that I thought he should spend a couple weeks in Ottawa. At this point, he should start everyday. The only way he’s going to keep improving is to play him everyday and PLAY him against lefties. My ideal scenario is to put him in right, move Gibbons to DH (once Javy is traded…that’ll happen) or maybe first base, and then start Newhan there after the break or trade for someone. No Luis Matos. PLEASE.

Since 1954 is a good new O’s blog. Drop on by.

Did anyone watch the NBA Draft? Back in the day before the High Schoolers(who are now ineligible) and International players got involved, I loved the NBA Draft. That was also when I used to love the NBA. I knew the players and new the teams.

In case anyone possibly cares…here’s the top ten.
1 Raptors PF Andrea Bargnani Benetton Treviso (Italy)
Jurrasic Park is early 1990’s…how about updating that name?
Are there Raptors in Toronto? If so…well, don’t advertise it you chumps.
2 Bulls PF LaMarcus Aldridge Texas
I have absolutely no opinion of the Bulls.
none. nada. nothing.
3 Bobcats SF Adam Morrison Gonzaga
Great. The Weeper is coming to the Carolinas. Hope he leaves the lame mustache behind. If he puts on a flannel shirt, dirty jeans, and an old cap, he’ll fit right in. I miss the Hornets.
4 Blazers PF Tyrus Thomas LSU
I wonder what Isiah Rider is doing now. Is he drinking beer and playing dice? Is he sending text messages on stolen cell phones? Is he finding better uses for Sprite cans? Babysitting for Shawn Kemp?
5 Hawks PF Shelden Williams Duke
One thing hasn’t changed since I stopped watching the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks are a bad team. I’m sure all ten of their fans agree with me.
6 T-Wolves SG Brandon Roy Washington
Is that a good pick? I have no idea.
7 Celtics SG Randy Foye Villanova
Too bad Roy and Foye couldn’t be on the same team…Roy and Foye.
8 Rockets SF Rudy Gay Connecticut
He took a drop.
9 Warriors C Patrick O’Bryant Bradley
I can’t comment on every pick when I’ve never seen Patrick O’Bryant from Bradley play. I regret that now.
10 Sonics C Saer Sene Pepinster (Belgium)
Saer Sene from Pepinster? That sounds like acid fiction.

I’m down on the NBA in case you couldn’t tell.

THE Stephen A. Smith getting heckled at the NBA Draft.
Saw this on Deadspin and laughed til I stopped. Probably the best bit of television from the NBA Draft in years.
And for the record, I’m eatting Cheese Dooooodles right now.

That’s the most attention I’ll ever give to the NBA here.

One more against the Phils and the sweep is complete and then it’s on to Atlanta.


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  1. What can I say? I love me some Nick Markakis and not just because our names would sound great together but also because he gave me good love on Photo Day. As for Stephen A. well, I was supposed to ask Cal a question when he was on the show and Stephen stole my question right before I was to ask it (and stare Cal Ripken right down into his baby blue eyes) so I say “Let the heckling commence!”

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