Shoeless Joe and another Tejada Trade Rumor

There’s not much business with the O’s right now…a little but I’ll get to that later. I was reading Buster Olney’s blog on and he mentions a new book about Shoeless Joe. Since I needed something to post about, I figured this was a golden opportunity to talk about Shoeless Joe.

Joe in his playing days.

I really liked this.

Joe in his later days at his liquor store.

There’s a new book out that might clear Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Jackson was born a few towns away from me in Pickens and he would die in Greenville, so the debate on whether Jackson should on shouldn’t be in Cooperstown is rather one-sided here.
I’ll definately have to read this book. It’s been my opinion that he should be in. He was accused of taking money to fix the series….but if you look at his numbers for the 1919 World Series, he batted .375 with 1 HR and 6 RBI. That’s not numbers of someone trying to rig a series. Management and ownership of baseball were more corrupt than the players were back then. The contracts were horrible towards players and guys like Kenesaw Mountain Landis were in bed with the owners.
Jackson never got a hearing…just the boot from baseball.

I know you can say guilt by association, but I don’t think he’s guilty. He might have been backed into a corner by the mob, his teammates, whoever…but he obviosuly didn’t go along with it in the end. I’m not just giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a hometown boy.. I think it’s cool that he’s from my hometown, but I don’t get my jollies out of it. Unlike the city of Greenville does. I’m glad they’ve embraced a tragic historical figure….sometimes though, they seem to overdo it. Before we got the name “Greenville Drive,” the city and ownership were going to go with the “Greenville Joes.” I would have rather have had that than the drive…but baseball didn’t go for the name, since he has the ban and all.

Here’s the statue downtown…which is a classy touch.

Here’s the Jackson house. It’s new home is by the ballpark where it’s being turned into a Shoeless Joe mueseum. It’s not opened yet, but when it does I’ll post some pictures.
For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Shoeless go here.

On to the O’s and trade rumors.

The Washington National Post says the O’s are willing to trade Tejada partially because he’s always shows up late and won’t pay the fines he’s levied for being late. That’s the first I’ve heard of this, but if it’s true…that’s not good. I really think this is his last season as an O. I hate it…but I’m moving more towards the trade Tejada camp. If we were a player away from being a contender, then I’d be against. But we’re several players away…sad thing is we might could get those players by trading him.

Here’s the follow up chat to the article.

I’ll just post spectualtion and we’ll see if what happens. If anything does, I’ll bet it’s to the Angels.
And further more….
From’s Ken Rosenthal

The Orioles stopped entertaining offers for Miguel Tejada after the shortstop rescinded his trade request last off-season, but they almost certainly would listen if teams inquired again.

A ninth consecutive losing season, which appears inevitable, should be enough for Orioles owner Peter Angelos to figure out that his team won’t improve until it trades Tejada for players who could fill multiple holes.

Frankly, it might have been a good idea for the Orioles to also move third baseman Melvin Mora and right fielder Jay Gibbons rather than sign them long-term. It certainly wasn’t a good idea to grant Mora a no-trade clause.

The Orioles are less likely to trade Tejada before July 31 than they are during the off-season, when they could market him to a greater number of clubs. At that point, Tejada will have three years and $38 million left on his contract


Asheville Tourists manager Joe Mikulik got his penalty for his awesome tirade.

Ending on a positive note,
I got the Brian Roberts jersey today and it rocks.


3 Responses

  1. Props to you for talking about Shoeless Joe. I am a big fan of his, and the movies “Field of Dreams” and “Eight Men Out” seem to prove his innocence, but of course so do his numbers during the 1919 WS.

    I LOVE your name for D.C.’s paper. Classic!

    I disagree with you about Miggy. Check out my blog for the full take.

    Keep up the great work! Go O’s!

  2. Wow.. Shoeless Joe is WAY cuter in the movies.. Love those flicks though (and the book) and always will hold a soft spot in my heart (and a place in the hall) for Joe. Have a great time this weekend and hopefully you can wear that new Roberts jersey proudly!!!!

  3. I wore the jersey last night to the Drive game just to rub it to those people who go wearing their Red Sox caps and shirts. It was a 12 innings win…the only problem with 12 innings…drink sales stop after the seventh!

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