Let the “Rivalry” resume

I want to hate you…but you’re so dang jolly.

Events that would make the Nats and O’s a real rivalry

*Earl Weaver attacks Screech the Eagle with a Louisville Slugger
*Todd Williams hits Alfonso Soriano (who’s in the dugout) while trying to intentionally walk Ryan Zimmerman.
*Sammy Sosa comes to bat amid a cloud of smoke and sparks for the Nats in a pinch hit situtation in the bottom of the ninth. Chances are he’d strike out or hit a ball towards the warning track.
*Matt LeCroy beans a Baltimore ballgirl while trying to throw out Patterson on a steal attempt for second.
*Ed Rodgers comes to bat and the bases loaded.The ball disappears. All three runners score on what is thought to be a very very wild pitch. It would turn out later that Rodgers hid the ball in his jersey.
*The Nats steal Brandon Fahey’s lunch money and lock him in his locker after giving him a wedgie.
*Jim Bowden and his girlfriend drive into the front of Camden Yards after “a couple drinks.”
*Luis Matos was Screech the Eagle’s long lost son.
*Peter Angelos eggs and rolls RFK with some Angel Soft.
*Jeffrey Maier starts in Right Field tonight.


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