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Rambling….Rambling on…

I’m wondering what, if any, the Orioles will make as trade season will trade up.
Off the top of my head, I can think of a few positions that the O’s need addressed.

1st Base
Left Field

Right now at first we have the 2 headed monster of Kevin Millar/Jeff Conine.
I’ve got few problems with Millar this point, with the exception of the occassion big strike out he’ll rack up. Millar was signed more for his clubhouse prescense, not his bat.
6 HR 29 RBI .241 BA 23 BB and 25 SO (He has gotten some quality at bats lately)
Anything his bat can give us is gravy.
Conine though, has been a deep fried fiasco smothered in disaster gravy.
Niner was brought in, like Millar, for some leadership and for a little offense.
I think little would be the right word.
5 HR 17 RBI and a paltry .229 BA
It’s not a shocker though, last season with the Marlins, Conine had 3 HR and 33 RBI with a deceptive .304 BA. Conine’s better defensively at first than Millar, but watching Conine play left at this point is like watching two trains run in head on. One train carries toxic chemical waste and the other is carrying kittens. Just like Conine’s defense, it’s going to be uuuuuuggghhhllleee.

At this point, I want Markakis in Right. I’d rather see Gibbons moved to first or DH. Who do I want to see in leftfield? Let’s start with who I don’t want to see.
.188 BA .258 OBP 2 HR and 5 RBI
yeah, it’s not Luis Matos.
Brandon Fahey, Luis Terrero, Ed Rodgers, and David Newhan are the others we have to play in left.
Fahey is a nice utilty guy and I’d rather have start than Matos, but I don’t think he’s the solution to Left.
I can’t say much about Rodgers because I only saw him playing once. That was the day Johnson no-hit the O’s except Tejada.
Newhan will be back off the DL after the break. I like Newhan, but I think he’s more of a 4th outfielder.

Javy Lopez and his expiring 7.5 million dollar salary will more than likely be traded, which opens up DH. It would be easy just to put Gibbons here after Lopez is traded. Gibbons’ defense in the outfield is a concern and a move to DH or maybe 1st would make sense. Markakis can play his regular position of right and with 2/3rds of an outfield of Patterson and Markakis, that’s a good defensive outfield.

We can always use a starting pitcher. Chen’s pitched his way out of the rotation and I’m assuming Rodrigo is trade bait. The Loewens and Penns are starting to come up, but a solid veteran pitcher is always something a team can use.

One thing I’ve gone back and forth on is the Tejada thing. Do we trade him or do we keep him? Last winter I was ready to ship him off, then when he and the O’s kissed and made up, I was giddy with him again. He’s having a good year offensive, but defensively….his range is looking more and more limited.

Whether they trade him or keep him depends hinges on two scenarios, in my opinion.

If ownership is willing to commit the money and do a big trade and the big signing this off season and build a team that can win now, then keep him.

Using mlb4u here’s a few select free agents that could provide a spark for the O’s, or could be the equal of putting a fork in an electrical outlet.

Moves I would suggest for the win-now, spend big scenario
Carlos Lee- I’ve made my feelings known on Carlos Lee already.
Jermaine Dye- one of the most underrated players in baseball ever. Yeah, he’s 32. But if you’re building a veteran team to make a run, Dye’s a great addition.
Nomar Garciaparra- I think he’s staying in LA and going to make a lot of money, but you never know.
Mark Mulder- A return to the AL would do him good.
Barry Zito- never going to happen, but I can dream.
Ray King- He’s awesome. Fat relievers with a bit of mean streak are the best.
Kerry Wood- Incentive laded deal based on starts, innings, and staying healthy only.
maybe at this point, he might be better suited for the bullpen.
Sean Casey-maybe.

Moves I would not suggest for spend big.
Soraino- great season yeah, but he’s going to be wanting top dollar. Is he going to want to play outfield in Baltimore? He’s not going near second. His attitude is one that I don’t want either.
Griffey Jr.- He’s a walking injury risk. Great player, yes..but an injury prone 36 year old centerfielder who won’t move to the corners is not what we need.
Jose Gullien- Headcase. no way.
Torii Hunter- good player, yes…but I think he’s overrated and he’ll get a lot of money..from the Yankees.
Jeff Weaver- I won’t be fooled again by this chump.
Juan Pierre- 0 HR and 7 RBI this season. That’s 2 RBI more than Matos and he barely plays, whereas Pierre plays everyday. Poking a fork in an outlet might
Gary Sheffield- I have no use for this guy. Top dollar for an aging journeyman with a big bat and a nasty attitude. Hey why don’t you go back to Milwaukee…oh that’s right, they hate you. San Diego? Los Angeles? Atlanta? Florida?
Barry Bonds- Speaking of someone everyone hates…. the day the Orioles sign him, I’ll buy a Jason Varitek jersey.
Preston Wilson, Rondell White, Cliff Flloyd. I’m sure the O’s will sing one of this stiffs…to which I’ll say collectively “PPPPFFFFHHHHTTTT!!!”

If we’re going to go with a youth movement that can win down the road (argh), Tejada will have to be traded. If it was to happen, I don’t want a bag of magic magic beans for him, we don’t need a beanstalk. We need a winner.

This scenario is so much less sexy. I can’t really rattle off names to sign or not to sign like I could with the big money scenario. This scenario involves trading for AAA and AA talent and signing lesser known free agents. With this scenario, if you do it right, you have a team with a young core than can win for many years, whereas the win now, you have a much shorter window.

I want a team that’s good for awhile, not a team that’ll tease me a two good years and one really good year and that’s it.

Maybe playing Jay Gibbons in the outfield wasn’t a smart idea now he’s back on the DL.

Albert Belle is still in jail.

Y’know…Stuart Scott really gets under my skin with his whole “we shouldn’t boo or critcize athletes and only kiss their butts” act.

Quote of the week,
I was out last night and I was doing a score check on my phone.
The O’s of course, were getting stomped, Chris asked me to check the Cubs score and it was 5-1.
“Phil Nevin probably hit another worseless homer.”
I checked the scoring plays and indeed, Phil “too good for Baltimore” Nevin hit another worthless homer.

I’m going out of town tomorrow night. There’s a huge family shin-dig in Arkansas. So I’ll be getting together with the family…and having a 15-16 hour drive. A lot of my family lives in Missouri and Tennesse and we’ve got some lodges that we’re renting out in the middle of the Arkansasian wilderness. Looking forward to some time away, but not the drive.

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