Monday Smorgasboard

Maybe next time you can pitch at a little league game, Rocket.

I’ve got to rant about the big deal the media is making about Clemen’s performance in A,AAA, and soon to be AAA ball. It’s wearing thin with me.

The Rocket would be a fine AA pitcher at least. Roger Clemens strikes out 11 in AA ball. It ties a Corpus Christi Hook’s record.
The AP is already pushing for Clemens’ to win a CY Young..

Chalk up another record for Roger Clemens, who looks as dominant as ever less than two weeks from his scheduled return to the majors.

WHaT? No sir, I won’t chalk this one up.
That’s the equivant of me playing kickball against middle schoolers.
I’d probably set a couple of recess records in kickball that day.
Honestly,Roger Clemens must really be a special pitcher to strike out 11 in AA ball. I don’t get the big deal that’s being made out of this. Clemens is one of the best (if not the best pitcher) in my lifetime. The fact that he struck out 11 Double AA boys, at WHATABURGER FIELD, of all places, shouldn’t be a big deal. When he gets back to the majors and strikes out 11 Cardinals, Mets, or even Royals. Then we’ll chalk one up for the Rocket, but for now, I won’t chalk one up.

I understand the fact that he’s pitching to get back in game shape, but the publicity this is getting is making me sick.


I’m surprised how little love is given to the stolen base. I love the stolen base. Manufacturing runs is an art in my opinion. Everyone loves home runs, so that’s what lead in the decline of the stolen base. Stealing a base is a fundamental skill in baseball and as Tim McCarver says “Fundamentals are a fundamental part of baseball.”
I hope Corey steals 100.
With Roberts, Patterson, and Newhan (back after the break), the O’s could steal a lot of bags.

• asked 60 players, executives, managers and coaches the following question: Which active major-leaguers have the skills to be good managers one day? Here are the leading vote getters:

Jason Varitek 11 of course.
Brad Ausmus 11
Mike Matheny 10
Mike Redmond 6
Julio Franco 5 By the time he retires from playing, he might be too old to manage.
Luis Matos 5
Todd Pratt 5
Alex Cora 4
Sandy Alomar Jr. 4 This guy is STILL playing, with the Dodgers. Can you believe it?
Mark Loretta 4
Craig Counsell 4
Tony Clark 3
Mark Sweeney 3
Scott Hatteberg 3
Paul Lo Duca 3
Greg Maddux 3 I’d be surprised if Maddux was ever a manager. He doesn’t seem the type to me.

Where is A-Rod, Jeter, Damon, and Ortiz on this list? Clearly this is bias.
*oh yeah, I threw Matos in there myself. ha ha ha.

Benson vs. Janssen….AGAIN.
It’s like “Groundhog Day.” By the end of the season these two will have faced each other 47 times. Maybe this is a good time to take a shot at the MLB schedule.
So far the O’s have played about 30 games against the Jays, 40 against the Rays, 20 against BAWSTON, and 15 against the Yanks….that what it seems like anyway.

Chris Ray needs more save chances.

RIP Moe Drabowsky I suggest reading “Black and Blue.” It has some great stories about Moe, his pranks, and his amazing World Series performance against the Dodgers.

Rick Ankiel is CURSED. Can anything ever go right for this guy? I’m scared to even say his name aloud out of sheer fear.

The Giants are WRETCHED on the road.
You realize that the Giants are setting themselves up to be a bad bad team soon.
Moise Alou, Steve Finley, Barry Bonds, Omar Vizquel…this is an old team with very little youth and limited money to spend on free agents. I’m going to say in 3 years tops, the Giants will be a cellar team. They’re not exactly knocking them dead right now though.

Paul Byrd and Bob Wickman got into a scuffle… ..not a fight, because if it was a fight, Wickman would have snapped Byrd in half. Seriously, Wickman is not a guy I’d chose to fight with it was Paul Bryd.

Rejoice Cubbies Derek Lee is swinging a bat again.
If the Cubs offense still stinks…what happens?
When Lee gets back and if their starting pitching can stay steady (anything from Wood and Prior is a bonus)I think they could be this year’s Houston Astros.
Zambrano’s a freak
Maddux will give more good starts than bad starts
Sean Marshall will be a good pitcher
Their bullpen is pretty strong, aside from a couple of blown saves.
*the pitching and bullpen was the Astros’ strength last season

The Cubs’ offense (like Houston’s offense) is spotty. With Lee coming back that can change, though. Seriously, who’s going to be the Wild card?

and with that, I’m out like a Misson’s batter caught looking at pitch thrown by a Hall-of-Fame pitcher “tuning up” for his return to the Astros.


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