What a game. Rub the rock, Tiger!
(for those of you who know nothing about Clemson, that’s Howard’s Rock…. named after the Legendary football coach Frank Howard. Football Players run down the hill and rub the rock before the game.)

The Clemson Tigers won a complete thriller on a walk-off grand slam.
I don’t watch much college baseball, but as long as the Tigers are in it, I’ll listen to the magical sounds of aluminum bats.
It was a great game to watch. I hope they win it all.
Don’t judge O’s draft pick Jason Berkin on his start today…a foot in the nose can mess up a pitcher’s concentration by a touch.

Jay Gibbons says “I’m feeling great!”
I’m wondering what happens to the outfield when Jay comes back
Corey’s a lock in Center
I like Fahey much much much much much much much better than Conine in Left.
Markakis is still struggling.
Do the O’s send Markakis down when Jay comes back?
I think he perhaps was a little rushed…I’d like to see Jay get moved to first.
The only way Gibbons wins a gold glove in right, is if all the other right fielders have their hands fall off. He’s ok defensively….but there’s a reason you see Markakis/Matos/whoever else come in during the ninth for him in the ninth innings of close games. I like Jay and I’m glad he’s on our team…but I’d like him better if he was at first base.
Maybe they can just keep Markakis and release Matos or trade Matos to the any team that’s in need of good fielding outfielder, with a bad bat, likes to strike out, and sports a trademark sour expression.

You will never believe this… Kerry Wood is back on the DL.
“Kerry Wood is hurts?”
“Shocking isn’t it.”
“Kerry Wood is a workhorse, isn’t he?”
“If Kerry Wood was a horse, he’d be glue.”
“What do you think Kerry’s got in the basket?”
“Band-aids and asprins.”
“Make sure he shares….Mark Prior’s a bottle of Elmer’s too, y’know.”
“I’m sure those two are part of the reason Carlos Zambrano punches holes in the walls of his house every day with screaming curses in Spanish.”
“That and he’s crazy…”
“He’s crazy and he is GOOOOOD.”
“I won’t argue with that.”
“What I’d give to have that crazy Zambrano on our staff.”

Quality start for Rodrigo Lopez…
100 pitches (after 7) 7 hits 3 runs (all earned) 3 BB and 6 K’s.
the O’s lead 5-3…let’s hope it sticks.

It’s doubtful I’m be around much this weekend. Catch you Sunday evening, more than likely.


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