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Jason Grimsley makes me worried.

I’m afraid of what will come of this whole torrid Jason Grimsley thing. I’m afraid it could possibly be Raffy 2.

Here’s why I’m worried.

According to the affidavit, which was uncovered by The Arizona Republic, Grimsley tells Novitzky that last season he and three other players discussed the challenge of playing without amphetamines in 2006. By using the word “his,” the affidavit implies he was talking about a trio of Orioles teammates, though specific names and the word “teammate” are redacted. Grimsley also suggests in the affidavit that one Oriole “talked openly” about his amphetamine use.

On the day Palmeiro returned to the Orioles last August, Grimsley was one of the players vocally in his corner, saying: “He’s my teammate. I’ll go to war with him any day.”

The names will come out soon. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope the only Oriole names that comes up are Raffy, Sammy Sosa, and anyone else who isn’t on this team. If it is, let be Luis Matos.

I can’t believe that I’m going to get into this….but this is the part that bugs me. In no way am I a defender or apologist of Barry Bonds. I think I’ve my positions on Bonds clear. But Feds wanted Grimsley to wear a wire and use that to bust Bonds.
That bothers me. What is Barry Bonds? He’s a baseball player. I have a problem with the goverment going to all this trouble to nab a baseball player using steriods. I’m not saying that he should get a pass on this. The fact is, that Bonds hasn’t failed a drug test yet and until that day comes, he is clean*.
It just seems to me that the government and the FBI should have bigger priorities than this. I’d love to see Bonds get busted, but I think this getting into witch hunt terrority. But in the scope of the great steriod hunt, Barry Bonds is the Moby Dick. When and if he ever does get busted, I won’t feel any pity for the guy. He’s made his bed and he’ll have to sleep in it…but if I’m stealing stuff at work, my boss will take care of it. He won’t call the feds and put a sting on me. Granted I don’t have the stature, acheivements, or sheer nastiness that Barry Bonds possesses, but still.

It’s true that baseball’s drug testing has been an absolute joke until Congress put pressure on them to put some teeth in their toothless testing system. There’s no test in MLB for hGH and that needs to happen. What will happen and how bad will this be for baseball? Who knows…I just hope any steriod, hGH, or whatever else user isn’t still on the O’s.

I’m not going into doomsday scenarios until they happen.
I see the cup as being six games from being half full.

For the record, Grimsley has nothing but a spare part in his baseball career.
But he’s been a spare part for a lot of teams.
The Angels, Yankees, Phillies, Royals, Indians, Diamond Backs, and..sadly..Oriole.

On thing I sort of wish to edit from my post yesterday on the mockery that is the All-Star game…

“You should have voted for Damon or Manny.”
“And after I do that I’ll stick a spoon in jalapeno pepper juice and then firmly plant in my left eye.”

It should read “You should have voted for Damon.”
I really don’t have a huge problem with Manny. He’s got the numbers and he’d be one of the Red YankSox that would actually belong in the All-Star game. But if there’s a phrase in baseball I hate, it’s the “Manny being Manny.”
I hate that phrase.
That ranks above the whole A-Rod, I-Rod, and all abbreviated name junk.
What do I hate more?
Red Roof Inn Commericals on Comcast.
I hate Red Roof Inn Commericals…and “MULLLTTITTASSSKING!” My ears burn even when I type that.

I pretty much despise Johnny Damon. Playing for both the Red Sox AND Yankees doesn’t help this guy, but the fact that he was the face of the “Idiots” and he jumped the Yankees for more dough.
I do remember a regrettable moment of this past offseason, where the O’s had made no moves…with the exception of the LaTroy Hawkins trade.
Scuttlebutt was Damon was talking to the Red Sox, Yankees, AND Orioles.
“We should just go ahead and sign Damon.” I said to my friend Chris.
“We have the money and haven’t done notable this offseason. Why not?”
I’m ashamed to have uttered these words, and it makes me lose a little respect for myself in retrospect.
Translated my words would have meant:
“I want the O’s to make a splash in the free agent market. I want them to spend 50 million over 4 years on a medicore centerfield, with a weak arm, decent bat, and looks like a vagrant.”
Corey Patterson is working out find for me right now.

Oriole Think Tank reviews the later draft picks.

The O’s lost another loss game last night and Melvin Mora made a horrible decision to tag up and try to score with two outs on Ramon’s pop fly…which ended the game.
Somewhere, Kris Benson is scowling.

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