Cabrera’s Back

I feel complete again. Daniel’s back and I can experience his “dirty brilliance.”
With 5innings worth of work:

2 Hit
9 k’s
5 BB
0 Runs

Welcome back old friend. Some filthy filthy stuff indeed.
If you shut them out, the walks mean nothing.

Luis Matos has now struck out in his last 5 straight at bats and counting.
UPDATE (Robert Stack Voice): The streak is over with a bunt single in the 4th. In celebration, if you’re ever in greater Upstate SC area, I’ll treat you to Chili-Cheese burger at Carolina Fine Foods…on me.
UPDATE UPDATE (Robert Stack Voice): And now a stolen base. I’ll buy you a Chili-Cheese Plate w/ a sweet tea now, Luis. If you get a 2 fer tonight, I’ll give you the option of fries, onion rings, OR the half and half.

The Angry Yanks tossed around Josh Beckett.
1.1 innings, 7 hits 8 runs 7 earned 2 BB 1 K 2 HR 13 batters faced.
Maybe they pretended Beckett was Corey Patterson.
If Larry “screwloose” Bowa did, he’d be jailed right now.

After work tomorrow, I’ll be attending my own mini-Yankee/Red Sox clash.
The Charleston (SC) Riverdogs face the Greenville Drive.
The Riverdogs are the Yanks single A team, as the Drive are the Red Sox.
Everytime I see them play, I think, today I cheer team…one day I’ll boo them.
Tomorrow, multiply that by 2.
Charlie T. Riverdog sort of looks like a llama.
I’ll see you all Wednesday.


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