O’s BLAST Yanks

I guess we can say Rodrigo Lopez is back.
Lopez went 6 and 2/3 innings
gave up 7 hits 4 run all earned walked 2 struck out 2 and popped the God amongst mortals Derek Jeter on the wrist. Turns out he’s bruised and nothings broken, that’s good…I don’t root for injuries to the other team…even if they are Yankees.

Javy Lopez redeemed himself for yesterday with 2 homers and drove in 4
Kevin Millar hit a sweet 3 run homer.
Brandon Fahey made everyone forget about Luis Matos (as hard as thay may be) with a 3 for 4 day (1 HR, 2 RBI)
Corey Patterson went 2 for 4 and stole 2 bases (25 for the season)
Glad to see Melvin Mora break out his slump with a 2 for 4

Glad to see an O’s win…but too bad we couldn’t have pulled the sweep…or gotten 2 out of three.

RIP Grrrreenville Grrrrrrrowl

The Greenville Grrrowl folded this week, that’s the city’s East Coast Hockey League team. I think they’re affilated with the Boston Bruins. I went to one game in the 7 or so years they were here and that was this season. I’m not a big hockey guy, but I went on a date there…explaining a sport I know nothing about to a girl who knew about as much as I did. Hockey’s just not for me. I tried, I’ve watched some parts of games on television over the years to try to like the sport. I really have tried to make the effort over the years, but it’s just not for me. Gimme a baseball game or a football game anyday.

Aside from my feelings about hockey,It’s a shame to see another sport leave the town. We lost the NBDL (National Basketball Developmental League) Greenville Groove after their first season (which they won the championship in) and the Arena Football2 League’s Greenville Rhinos after their only season here too…I think they were in the championship game. People in this town will only show for baseball, high school football, and races down at the racetrack, and that’s what killed the Grrrrrrrrrrrowl. Along with the Greenville Drive, you notice that this city can’t have a team with a half-decent name. Groove? Drive? Grrrrrrrrowl? Rhinos is ok, but what does a Rhino have to do with this city?

I remember at the game I went to..they played the Pennsicola Ice Pilots and the Grrrowl won in a shoot-out. If you knew hockey it would have been a fun game. But there may have been a 1,000 people…maybe. A lot of them were kids. We were sitting in a section that was full of loud unsupervised kids, which added to the fun. The Drive is having about 3,000 a game lately I’ve read.So this it, Grrrrrrowl…I can’t miss something I didn’t really notice..but for the real hockey fans, I do feel bad for them, because the only way this city will see hockey again is on television. Gggggoodbye Grrrrrowl, I barely knew theeeeeeee.


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