I am not kidding about this…


The Orioles are giving serious thought to drafting one of the most notrious villians in Oriole history….no, Sammy Sosa isn’t in this year’s draft….Jeffrey Maier. Yes…that one. The kid. Tony Tarasco. Dererk Jeter. Richie Garcia. Yankee Stadium. Interference. RUINED POSTSEASON. Jeffrey Maier.

Irony, huh?

I’m actually hoping they do. He owes us one. I was just a kid when that catch happened and I resented that kid. Being on TV and Regis and Kathy Lee, and having Regis completely drool over it all, It can make one sick.
For a few days, that kid was everywhere. No one seemed to care about the fact that He interferred with the ball!!!
I’ve gotten over it, I think it was easier since I was just a kid then. But I hated this kid for a while. The fact that here was this kid, a Yankee fan, interferring with my Orioles…ruining the game. And then, they celebrate the fact that he did. He got tickets, free Yankee stuff, got on TV, he was everywhere for a few days.
Regis Philbin, you have the journalistic integrity of the Weekly World News.
Actually, is this guy even considered a journalist? HAHAHAHAHHA.

In the end though, I blame umpire Richie Garica more. He blew the call.
After that catch, he owes the O’s…and what better way to pay us back than to play for us and play against his beloved Yankees?
If the kid has talent and can help us somewhere down the road.
As the wise sage Peter Angelos said “To forgive is divine.”
And if he can help get the Orioles out of the downward spiral he helped create, why not?

Now, if he gets drafted by the Yanks, then it’s a completely different story.

Some interesting quotes in the article.

“I wouldn’t be at all opposed to [drafting Maier]. In fact, I’d say it’s a very interesting development,” Angelos said. “You can say the Orioles are very seriously considering him. I know this much: I was at that game, and he certainly did seem to be a heck of an outfielder. Sure, we’d take him. In fact, I like the idea more and more, the more I think about it.”

“I could still be in Baltimore if that didn’t happen,” said Davey Johnson “It was a real big game, and we were going to win it,” Johnson said. “It changed a lot of things. It got me fired — not immediately, but it got me fired. I didn’t win [it all]. I won a little bit, but not enough.”

Pitcher Scott Erickson said he hopes Maier makes it to the major leagues, “just so I can drill him — I’d like to get one shot at him.”

“I don’t blame the kid,” Ripken said. “It was a reaction. It was not premeditated. Why harbor any resentment? If the Orioles draft him, great. I’d look at it as, ‘Here’s a kid trying to fulfill a dream.’ “

“Sure, we’d take him. In fact, I like the idea more and more, the more I think about it.”

Oh man oh man…
I’d never thunk up this scenario.

No Bruce, that homer hurt me more than it hurt you.

Bruce Chen, out the rotation? How could this be?

Chen is 0-5 with a 7.71 ERA in 11 games, with 70 hits allowed in 49 innings. The 17 home runs against him are the most in the majors.

The O’s site has an article about the rotation as well.

Cabrera looks ready to return and torture my emotions with his great stuff and his unpredictable control. Hope he’s back in 5 days…and I hope Chen and his amazing gopher ball is in the pen.

Apparently the Bruce Chen Fan Club has lost interest long long ago.

Adam Loewen starts Saturday against the Yankees. If that isn’t trial by fire, I don’t know what it is. Now, say if he happens to do awesome tonight, what happens?
Benson’s safe in the rotation. Rodrigo has won two start, so I assume he’s ok. Cabrera comes back soon. Bedard has been on a downward spiral for the past four starts and Chen has been Mount St. Helens with a jock….a walking disaster.
Penn should be back in a week…maybe two. Of course, Loewen has to DO good Saturday for this situation to arise.

In his favor, the Yanks are really banged up right now.
Sheffield is back on the DL
Matusi is on the DL
Damon and Jeter are both banged up
Posoda’s hurting
If there’s ever a time to start against them, I guess this is it.
Then again, they did crank out 12 hits and 6 runs and come 2 outs from sweeping the Tigers…while leads me too…Kyle Fansworth. Mariano Rivera is out for a few days with back spasms, so it looks like Fansworth will be the closer this weekend. I’ll take having this headcase against the O’s in the ninth anytime.

Disgraced D-Ray Josh Hamiltion gets yet another chance.

Jeff Blauser was one of my favorite Braves back in the day He might be Bobby Cox’s heir in Atlanta.

Speaking of the Braves, Closer Chris Retisma is the public’s whipping boy for a bullpen that is struggling.


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