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Mother Nature is a Cruel Mistress

I was pretty pumped up before the rain delay. Now I wish it would have kept raining. What happened Eric? What’s happening?

I’m going to link to some random stuff since this game is a downer.

Gambling on the spelling bee? Then you my friend it is possible that could just MIGHT have a serious gambling problem.

I could use one of these. I love this site.

I have a regular gig doing resturant reviews for the city paper. Easy gig. Been doing it for over a year. They buy my food and I write a couple sentences. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get to the Olive Garden this past week.

Oasis’ “Defiantely Maybe” was picked as the BEST ALBUM EVER. Great album, but come on. Read the article and bear in mind 95% of the vote comes from Britain, where they think Oasis created everything from peanut butter, elastic, and RC Cola.

When I think of Newsweek….I think sports. It’s about the good stuff in baseball. But it’s an average piece. I was just surprised Newsweek had anything about sports. I’m still getting subscription offers for Newsweek at the “student rate.” It’s been a few years…and I don’t want to spend the 10 bucks.

Really need to get to the movies… X men 3 is I’m wanting to see. Really don’t care about the Da Vinci Code. Haven’t gotten around to reading the book…probably won’t. I’m not caught up all of that. Since Tom Cruise is number 2 on my “Smite List,” there’s no way I’m going to see Mission Impossible 3. I’d rather eat broken glass. I didn’t like the first 2 anyway. Superman Returns might be good…but it looks like one of those movies that will be good or really really bad. The worst movies of the summer? I’m betting on “Miami Vice” and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

I think that’s enough…and enough of this game. The O’s need a miracle in the ninth.

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