Robert’s wrong number

Raffy speaks!
This is sad. Personally, I think Raffy knew what he was going and he’s sticking with his story to the bitter end. It’s also sad that the entire team hates his apparently, but throwing your teammates under the bus like he did will do that to you.

Palmeiro said the only former Orioles teammate he has spoken to recently is second baseman Brian Roberts, whom Palmeiro called last weekend after Roberts had inadvertently text messaged Palmeiro instead of another friend.

“It was like a two-minute conversation,” Roberts said. “But it was good to see how he was doing.”

I wonder how that conversation went.
“Hey there, You looked hot tonight. Whatcha doing, sexy?.”
“What?!? Who is this? Why can’t I be left alone?”
“Oh,’s you. I’m doing All right.”
“So…you get any calls to play?”
“An independent league team offered me a try out, but I’m not fooling around with that…only Major League ball.”
“I heard that.”
Akward silence
“I’ve really taken a shine to whittling.”
“You know, with a knife and a piece of wood. I whittled a tiger yesterday.”
“I do a lot gardening too.”
“Well, I hate to do this..but I gotta run. We all miss you, big guy. We got an early flight tomorrow.”
“Trust me, I know how it is. Tell them all I said hi.”
“I will.”
“I really need to clean out my phonebook.”

Rick Maese isn’t giddy about the O’s second half prospects. Killjoy. This is the negativity I hate. Yeah, the O’s aren’t the best team and yeah we’re not not going to win the division this year…but geez, this stuff gets me ill.

-The Benson, Patterson, Hernandez acquistions were good, but they haven’t translated into wins.
-The farm system turnaround is a myth.
-More Tejada talk
-Fan apathy

Reading that was like hitting myself in the face with a hammer. Thanks Rick.
He does have some good points, but just the sheer “our team stinks” air of it ruins it all.
btw, I think I think this team would be a lot worse without Benson, Patterson, and Ramon and I think our farm system is vastly improved….but don’t reap the rewards overnight.

Jose Canseco will not fade away. Pitching and DHing? I wonder how long this lasts a week…maybe 2? Canseco is a car wreck that’s wrapped in a trainwreck and covered with a chemical spill.
Keep on driving, folks…the only things left to see here is tragedy and arrogance.

I have no pity for Jay Mariotti.
I just do not like this guy.
Ozzie Gullien needs to use his words more carefully, if you pick someone to call somebody some kind of name, well…Jay’s probably your guy.

I got a kick out of this part…

he could have gone looking for Guillen in the clubhouse. He thought about it. “But what would have happened? He could have hit me. He could have choked me. He could have just screamed at me—best-case scenario. What exactly does that serve? I refuse to be part of this flying circus. If he wants to call and meet like a man and not in front of his frat house, I’m available. But not in that circus. That’s the jock mentality, and I don’t buy into it.”

That whole bit about St.Jay not going to the clubhouse out of fear, I think it’s more out of arrogrance. Ozzie Guillen is an ass I’m sure…but I bet Mariotti is an even bigger one. In fact, I’m sure of it. At least Guillen doesn’t have those creepy waxed eyebrows.

That’s it, I’ll be back Sunday. Hope the O’s can extend the Braves’ woes and Russ Ortiz can prove me wrong.


Slick Nick hits BIG

I love doubleheaders. Nick Markakis loves them more, I’m sure.
Nick went a combine 5-7 in yesterday’s 2 games and he looked good. He looked a pro. I’m backing of my earlier stance that I thought he should spend a couple weeks in Ottawa. At this point, he should start everyday. The only way he’s going to keep improving is to play him everyday and PLAY him against lefties. My ideal scenario is to put him in right, move Gibbons to DH (once Javy is traded…that’ll happen) or maybe first base, and then start Newhan there after the break or trade for someone. No Luis Matos. PLEASE.

Since 1954 is a good new O’s blog. Drop on by.

Did anyone watch the NBA Draft? Back in the day before the High Schoolers(who are now ineligible) and International players got involved, I loved the NBA Draft. That was also when I used to love the NBA. I knew the players and new the teams.

In case anyone possibly cares…here’s the top ten.
1 Raptors PF Andrea Bargnani Benetton Treviso (Italy)
Jurrasic Park is early 1990’s…how about updating that name?
Are there Raptors in Toronto? If so…well, don’t advertise it you chumps.
2 Bulls PF LaMarcus Aldridge Texas
I have absolutely no opinion of the Bulls.
none. nada. nothing.
3 Bobcats SF Adam Morrison Gonzaga
Great. The Weeper is coming to the Carolinas. Hope he leaves the lame mustache behind. If he puts on a flannel shirt, dirty jeans, and an old cap, he’ll fit right in. I miss the Hornets.
4 Blazers PF Tyrus Thomas LSU
I wonder what Isiah Rider is doing now. Is he drinking beer and playing dice? Is he sending text messages on stolen cell phones? Is he finding better uses for Sprite cans? Babysitting for Shawn Kemp?
5 Hawks PF Shelden Williams Duke
One thing hasn’t changed since I stopped watching the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks are a bad team. I’m sure all ten of their fans agree with me.
6 T-Wolves SG Brandon Roy Washington
Is that a good pick? I have no idea.
7 Celtics SG Randy Foye Villanova
Too bad Roy and Foye couldn’t be on the same team…Roy and Foye.
8 Rockets SF Rudy Gay Connecticut
He took a drop.
9 Warriors C Patrick O’Bryant Bradley
I can’t comment on every pick when I’ve never seen Patrick O’Bryant from Bradley play. I regret that now.
10 Sonics C Saer Sene Pepinster (Belgium)
Saer Sene from Pepinster? That sounds like acid fiction.

I’m down on the NBA in case you couldn’t tell.

THE Stephen A. Smith getting heckled at the NBA Draft.
Saw this on Deadspin and laughed til I stopped. Probably the best bit of television from the NBA Draft in years.
And for the record, I’m eatting Cheese Dooooodles right now.

That’s the most attention I’ll ever give to the NBA here.

One more against the Phils and the sweep is complete and then it’s on to Atlanta.

Mazzone Effect?

The O’s won game 1 of the double header.

Erik Bedard has really turned it on. 3 straight wins and a 1.29 ERA over that span. He also hasn’t allowed a run over the last 16 innings. Maybe Mazzone’s finally having an effect…because lately a lot of our pitchers have been having a lot of quality starts.

June Total: Bedard
3 2 3.09 6 6 35.0 28 13 12 2 10 39 599-397 40-26

2 1 2.65 5 5 34.0 29 11 10 4 10 14 520-327 39-46

My boy…the engima known as Daniel Cabrera
2 3 4.94 5 5 27.1 26 15 15 4 21 32 533-315 23-26

2 1 5.18 4 4 24.1 28 14 14 4 8 16 388-242 30-26

Guess who’s June line this is?
0 1 2.45 6 0 11.0 13 3 3 1 2 5 171-103 7-19
Bruce Chen…surprise surprise. If he can keep those numbers, then if looks like he could be answer to our 6th and 7th innings. I’m gonna wait out June, July and August though before I make that statement on the record.
Not really a great month for Cabrera, but he’s streaky…up and down…and unpredictable. Once he gets better control though, he’ll be lights out.
I wonder how Russ Ortiz’s numbers will look.

All in all, it looks like June has been a great month for our pitchers.

Get well soon Peter Gammons.

The National Post article about Tejada has made a big flap. I discount a lot of stuff for the Post because….because they care more about the Nats than the O’s. But the fact remains that Tejada is getting fined. That’s not good leadership from someone who’s supposed to be our team leader.

As for these trade rumors, Peter Angelos said today:
“The Orioles have no interest in trading Miguel Tejada ,” said Orioles principal owner Peter Angelos. “He is an exciting and exceptional athlete and a great baseball player.”
Geez, well that increases the chances he gets traded if Pete says that.

For the record, I’m not one of the O’s fans who are saying “Trade Tejada, Trade Tejada,” I just think if an offer that comes our way where we can get three players that will make us a better all around team…then I think we should seriously think about it.
If we can get a 1 or 2 starter, a real everyday first baseman, and another young player, the Front Office would be fools not to consider that.

Ramon Hernandez just got hit by a pitch the for the second time today, taking the Plunked Award from the battered grasp of Melvin Mora. I don’t think that’s an accident. Have I mentioned that I don’t think Charlie Manuel is a good manager?

Commercials I am sick of
Rico Copiers (I get it…you’re a procrastinator)
Red Roof Inn (Multitask somewhere else)
Taylor Hicks/Ford (Do me a favor and fade away quickly)
Geico Caveman (It’s not funny after the millionth time)
Geico Lizard (You think you’re witty lizard…but you’re not)

Man, I love double headers.

Shoeless Joe and another Tejada Trade Rumor

There’s not much business with the O’s right now…a little but I’ll get to that later. I was reading Buster Olney’s blog on and he mentions a new book about Shoeless Joe. Since I needed something to post about, I figured this was a golden opportunity to talk about Shoeless Joe.

Joe in his playing days.

I really liked this.

Joe in his later days at his liquor store.

There’s a new book out that might clear Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Jackson was born a few towns away from me in Pickens and he would die in Greenville, so the debate on whether Jackson should on shouldn’t be in Cooperstown is rather one-sided here.
I’ll definately have to read this book. It’s been my opinion that he should be in. He was accused of taking money to fix the series….but if you look at his numbers for the 1919 World Series, he batted .375 with 1 HR and 6 RBI. That’s not numbers of someone trying to rig a series. Management and ownership of baseball were more corrupt than the players were back then. The contracts were horrible towards players and guys like Kenesaw Mountain Landis were in bed with the owners.
Jackson never got a hearing…just the boot from baseball.

I know you can say guilt by association, but I don’t think he’s guilty. He might have been backed into a corner by the mob, his teammates, whoever…but he obviosuly didn’t go along with it in the end. I’m not just giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a hometown boy.. I think it’s cool that he’s from my hometown, but I don’t get my jollies out of it. Unlike the city of Greenville does. I’m glad they’ve embraced a tragic historical figure….sometimes though, they seem to overdo it. Before we got the name “Greenville Drive,” the city and ownership were going to go with the “Greenville Joes.” I would have rather have had that than the drive…but baseball didn’t go for the name, since he has the ban and all.

Here’s the statue downtown…which is a classy touch.

Here’s the Jackson house. It’s new home is by the ballpark where it’s being turned into a Shoeless Joe mueseum. It’s not opened yet, but when it does I’ll post some pictures.
For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Shoeless go here.

On to the O’s and trade rumors.

The Washington National Post says the O’s are willing to trade Tejada partially because he’s always shows up late and won’t pay the fines he’s levied for being late. That’s the first I’ve heard of this, but if it’s true…that’s not good. I really think this is his last season as an O. I hate it…but I’m moving more towards the trade Tejada camp. If we were a player away from being a contender, then I’d be against. But we’re several players away…sad thing is we might could get those players by trading him.

Here’s the follow up chat to the article.

I’ll just post spectualtion and we’ll see if what happens. If anything does, I’ll bet it’s to the Angels.
And further more….
From’s Ken Rosenthal

The Orioles stopped entertaining offers for Miguel Tejada after the shortstop rescinded his trade request last off-season, but they almost certainly would listen if teams inquired again.

A ninth consecutive losing season, which appears inevitable, should be enough for Orioles owner Peter Angelos to figure out that his team won’t improve until it trades Tejada for players who could fill multiple holes.

Frankly, it might have been a good idea for the Orioles to also move third baseman Melvin Mora and right fielder Jay Gibbons rather than sign them long-term. It certainly wasn’t a good idea to grant Mora a no-trade clause.

The Orioles are less likely to trade Tejada before July 31 than they are during the off-season, when they could market him to a greater number of clubs. At that point, Tejada will have three years and $38 million left on his contract


Asheville Tourists manager Joe Mikulik got his penalty for his awesome tirade.

Ending on a positive note,
I got the Brian Roberts jersey today and it rocks.

Hilarious beyond words

Was going to take the day off, but I must…I am required to share this video.
The Asheville Tourists were playing the Lexington Legends.
Tourist Manger Joe Mikulik went out to dispute a call.
Lexington’s Koby Clemens was leading off on second base after hitting an RBI double when Asheville pitcher Brandon Durden tried to pick him off.

Umpire Andy Russell called Clemens safe, sending Mikulik barging out of the dugout like a drunken boar and then came an epic performance that would make Earl Weaver jealous.

You MUST..YOU HAVE to see this!!!!

That’s it for the day.

Lucky me….

From Yahoo Sports:

Before the game, Baltimore signed RHP Russ Ortiz, who had been cut by Arizona, which still owes him almost $22 million. Ortiz will start July 1 in place of LHP Adam Loewen, who was optioned to Triple-A Ottawa.

I will be able to see Russ Ortiz’s first start for the Orioles…in person.
Lady luck has smiled on me and planted a wet on my face.
I had thought I’d be seeing Cabrera, but I guess my figuring was off by a day.
In retrospect, I should have waited on the buying the jersey. How cool would an Oriole Russ Ortiz jersey be? But I had to buy a Brian Roberts jersey…
Sometimes I hate myself.

All sarcasm aside…
Here’s the details.

It’s for the minimum…so there’s no big investment in this guy.
Classic buy low situation.
The guy did great with Mazzone in Atlanta, maybe by being reunited they’ll rekindle that old magic.
If he pans out though, we better start saying our goodbyes to Rodrigo Lopez.
I think the mouthing off about the skipped start sealed his fate.
If Ortiz gives up 6 runs in the first Saturday though, I’ll have no mercy on this guy. I’ll be there and I know how to boo.

Did you notice in the Post article where it mentions that the O’s and Rowell are at stalemate over 100 k on the signing bonus? The O’s offer 2 mil and he wants 2.1 mil. We got til August to work that out…as silly as it looks.

If you have John Rocker backing you… do you need anyone else?

The O’s took 2 out 3 from the Nats this weekend. Good job, boys.

Russ O-rtiz?

John Boggs, agent for Russ Ortiz, told ESPN that the O’s are the leaders for the services of Ortiz.

Ortiz’s numbers
those don’t factor in this season’s numbers

Look at these babies….

6 0 5 22 21 7.54

AARGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If those numbers were an animal, they’d be road kill. ugly ugly roadkill. Those are ugly numbers. With those numbers you could combine Russ and Chen and make a ultra-super bad pitcher.

I shouldn’t call him bad yet. I’ll like him if he signs with the O’s until he ruffles my feathers with some bad games.

Arizona owes him a lot of money….22 million bucks to be exact. So Ortiz can be signed for the pro-rated portion of the major-league minimum salary of $327,000.
He flourish under Mazzone’s system, so I don’t have a problem with this.
If the Orioles do sign him, one of two things happen.
1) Rodrigo Lopez gets traded.
to the Rockies for Ryan Shealy? I can only hope.
2) Adam Loewen goes back to the minors.
I don’t have a huge problem with this either. Another month or two in the minors for the kid would probably do him a lot of good.

But if Ortiz comes in and Browers it up, they’d better cut the cord quickly.
It could be another of thoese Patterson/Benson low risk/high reward moves.
He could turn to be a nice pick up that translates into a good 4 or 5 pitcher, decent tradebait (if he puts up some good numbers), or he could just stink.
I have no exceptations for him if he WERE to sign.

By the way, great game last night.
Good job by Rodrigo and good to see Chris Ray get three quick outs for the save after bloody Thursday.

A week from today at this time I’ll be in Atlanta gearing up for the O’s and Braves!