Tim McCarver is the Master of the Obvious

“Fundamentals are a fundamental part of playing baseball.”- Tim McCarver

My mind has just exploded.
I don’t know what to say…even by McCarver standards this is a new low.
That’s like saying “Food is an important part of eatting.”


I’m not happy that the FOX Game of the Week is back.
I can not express my distane for Joe Buck and Captain Obvious himself, Tim McCarver.
No games on Saturday before 7 pm unless you watch their games.

There’s would have been a picture of Deion Sanders dumping Gatorade on McCarver here, but I couldn’t find one.

For more McCarver gems go here.

That X Men 3 Opening was Wretched wasn’t it?

About last night…Glad to see Chen have a good outing. Jay Gibbons, not going to pile on the guy, he’s had a horrible week. But I think at some point, we’ll see him at first or DH.

John Donovan revisists the off-season moves.

That’s going to be it for the weekend. I’m tired, the Orioles play at 10:05 tonight and I’ve got a long day tomorrow.


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