Can Chen possibly get a Win?

As Bruce Chen throws his 30 pitch of the first inning…

Last night was a wash. I’ve come to believe that Rodrigo Lopez can offer 3 to 4 good innings an outing, that is if he can escape the first inning unscathed.
Watching him and Chen pitch and determine which one is better is like trying to pick which ugly girl is the prettiest.

Here’s something from the recap:

“Nobody’s working harder than him to get it right, that’s for sure,” Mazzone said. “I thought he was going to go a long way. His pitch count was down, but the [Fick hit] started a little bit of a slide.”

Perlozzo said Lopez isn’t in any danger of losing his starting spot since the Orioles are already missing one pitcher because of Daniel Cabrera going on the disabled list.

The manager wants Lopez to just keep working and try and get everything straightened out. Since the Orioles are already having numerous problems with their bullpen, they need more starters to get deeper into games to take the pressure off the relievers.

“He’s going to have to keep working at it,” Perlozzo said.

Penn’s getting the call-up I’m sure. In my opinion, Loewen should not be called up until late in the season. Give him plenty of games to build up his confidence, move him up to AAA and let him face some better quality of batters there. Then if he still looks good, then he can go to Baltimore for the last month of the season. There’s not need to trot him out there now and rush him.

It’s stinks that BOTH Chen and Lopez have decided that this is their season not to shine. Chen’s a free agent after the season, so there goes the theory of elevating your play in a contract year.
If I had to pick one of the two to send the pen…

R Lopez 1 7 8.07 10 10 58.0 79 54 52 13 0 22 36

B Chen 0 4 8.23 8 7 35.0 52 36 32 13 0 14 22

Eh…so far neither looks especially good, but I guess at this point I’d let Rodrigo hang in the rotation by default, BUT after 4 innings, unless he rediscovers his old magic, I’d only use him as a four inning starter then put Chen in and maybe with their powers combined, they could manufacture a win.

BTW Word is Penn gets his first start at Seattle on Tuesday. I’m off Wednesday, so hopefully I’m get back from the game in time to see some of it.

Javy gets the start today.

Former Oriole great, Richard Hidalgo
may be getting a shot with the Yanks.

The Twins are getting a new home.
A few excerpts that caught my eye:

Plans don’t call for a retractable roof, so April and May games will often be played in less-than-desirable conditions — and some of them will surely be postponed by rain or even snow. That will make it less attractive for fans to travel from outside of the metropolitan area, without the guarantee of seeing a game, and chilly weather also won’t help lure customers.

The retractable roof would seem to be a must, I would think. Maybe that’s too much for Pohlad.

Major construction probably won’t start until 2007, so it’s unlikely many — if any — of the current players will still be wearing Minnesota uniforms when the new place opens. But the news was still welcome.


Barry tied the Babe and NO ONE CARES. Just read some of the quotes here…Bobby Cox, Jim Palmer, Griffey Jr…it’s not a big deal for most people. I’m glad this kid caught it.

The Cubs finally got a hit yesterday

Hopefully this is the last time I’ll have to hear these two clowns on MASN ever.


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